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Romeo Langford

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1 hour ago, IUwins0708 said:

Is this Tonto fella a member on here or peegs?

Yep.  KU Shiver board member. Sad thing is that some of the KU members bought into his crap.

Trust me, I have friends over there and on Phog.Net.  Solid fans, and solid sources. Guys who I truly respect. And have for years. Anytime I have gone to either site, they have always treated me with the utmost respect. And have shared "intel" with me, via P.M's. Very much like my many friends on the main Duke board.  And the KU friends,  never bought into what tonto was selling.

Here's the thing. A legit source, whether on an IU board or non IU board who throws out "stuff"... will come back when he hears or knows that what he threw out was not legit. Sometimes, legit members, get bad intel. And are willing to admit to it.  Not the case in tonto.  I smelled a rat from the very beginning.Checked with my KU friends, and they admitted they were questionable too.  Though my "intel" on KU  from my IU sources,was by my own admission dated... KU has been out of the running for quite some time. I was willing to give in to the fact that my "intel" was dated, and things could have changed.  And with teenagers, I am the first to admit, that anything is possible.  So, I was interested in the big show, tonto had promised for today.

It's approaching midnight.  And all's quiet on the tonto front.  Still time.  Give it up.... tonto. 

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59 minutes ago, KDB said:

Evan Daniels, the National Recruiting Director at 247,  just crystal balled Romeo to IU. 

He doesn't make picks unless he is VERY confident.

I agree on Daniels but it does scare me that he just recently got the Zion Williamson pick to Clemson wrong. He's about as correct as anyone gets though....I'll stay cautiously optimistic. 

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