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Ohio State Postgame Thread

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Heck of an effort from you guys. Didn’t fold after being down 35-7 and made it a game. Moral victories aren’t always fun but if I was an IU fan, I’d be pretty proud today. 

We’re legit. 

The most important part... he'd run through a brick wall for his players. They see that. 

With a pick six, a fumble inside the 10, and a fumble of an interception deep in OSU territory, and only losing by one score... we are right there. If you would have told me we would survive all that plus being down 35-7, and still make a game of it, I would have taken it.

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Here's my postgame reply. Absolutely zero worries about the direction of this team and our program. Not sure how many we have back next year but I know it's more than 14 I think. Absolutely out schemed and out coached a team that has 12-13 pros on it. Kudos to IU. Legit team and program. 

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Agree with all- IU could of and should of won.  

They play with heart and are well coached.

However, 0 running game -1 yards, got to have more time of clock possessions on O.

Continued dropped passes, and will be cleaned up.  Got to think Ellis is still raw after injury.  Missing some of the O line also hurts a little.  But, every team has that.

Surprised with no angles, shifting trying to manufacture deception in the backfield.  

Why are flags not thrown with obvious holding.  The cameras picked it up big time.

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