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  1. Scott my friend, first the Spurs (5 titles since 99, covering 15 years) then, following their model, the Dubs, 3 titles since 2015 (and may be on track for another right now) grew their franchises from within, drafting, development, and at times excellent trade work (the one i disliked, as the exception from a competitive standpoint, was Durant). That’s 8 titles since 99, and both are outstanding franchises built right. And with that has come multiple incredible players including guys who will go down as among the best ever, Duncan, Curry, and with that outstanding coaching, Pop one of the best to ever grace the sidelines. there were many great teams of the 70s and 80s and guys like Bird, MJ, Magic are as amazing today as they were then, but there are great teams and franchises in today’s NBA and built from within. Side note, if you want to see a truly amazing player who isn’t yet in this discussion but i’d bet on him getting there - Ja Morant - man he is just so much fun to watch, genuinely incredible, and the Dubs - Grizz series is a blast. Life goes on after the 70s!
  2. C’s looked solid defensively tn, and pounding a good Miami team. Romeo now 10-20 and 5-10 from deep over 5 and playing 27 min— maybe the hand injuries finally behind him? Had a strong summer, seems to be carrying it over well. hope so. I’m not putting a fork in your C’s, i’d bet on their finding their stride if they’ve moved past the chemistry - tell the two young dogs to look to others and pass more thing (which, imo, was totally fair, though publicly not so great). Side note Gleas, OG is really starting to show… 😁
  3. 3 days without power, pipe burst, it’s been a blast lol. But got power back tonight. It’s been nuts
  4. That is heartbreaking Jeff. Your son was there for him, for both of them, and you are there for your son and grandson. So sorry for you and your family, but your son being there for them and your being there for your family means a lot.
  5. Really sad and awful. It’s I35 W in the Dallas - Fort Worth area just outside downtown I think it was the expressway, over 130 vehicles. @IUFLAand I are on the greater Houston area, appreciate the thoughts. Texans in the Dallas - Fort Worth area have more experience than Southeast Texans with ice storms and some snow but no chance on ice-slicked roads, and yeah people drive really fast here and especially on the interstates.
  6. Drake is still undefeated -- watch out '76 team!
  7. I'll just change it to "short bench tonight?"
  8. Hoping to see good minutes and usage from Geronimo and Hunter and Leal. Use their talents. Let the shooters shoot from deep. Don’t run everything through Franklin - I think he’ll play and want him to, but not taking 15 shots. Diversify the offense. Use the arc. Rob, be aggressive from the outset. TJD, attack the rim and run back on D, from the outset. We need you on D.
  9. Yeah I’ve never been to Yellowstone or Yosemite— both are musts to get to
  10. Pacers had nothing on the Nets last night. Nets gave up an 18 point lead and 6 in the final 4 seconds to lose lol
  11. Chaney had his own controversial times, some covered in the article, but his legacy was deservedly highlighted for all the many positives he brought to college basketball and the kids he helped and supported. Imo RMK is more controversial but will, as he should, be remembered as well for his greatness as a coach, for the huge impact he had on IN basketball and IU, for the clean program he ran here, and for the lives he positively shaped. He was/is a complicated man, but when he passes his many accomplishments and contributions will be deservedly remembered
  12. That’s not really fair though, the whole we’re just waiting for next season thing. It just isn’t. What if Brunk hadn’t been knocked out of the season? That alone would have us win at least a couple we’ve lost, and you can’t put that on CAM. Yes, we need an elite guard, but just having the actual team we have with Brunk would make us better. That’s just bad luck. I’m not writing this season off yet. That said, do think we should take a jump up if TJD comes back (as of now looks like he will). Lander is going to be a lot more productive next season, with the full summer, the experience of this season, and finally his age - body will be that of an incoming frosh. Hunter has already been gradually starting to show at the level he was showing promise of as a frosh, he’ll be better and can score well from outside. Guys like Leal and Galloway are going to be significantly better as sophs and are already proving their worth. Franklin could be really, really good. It’s just not oh let’s wait until next year hopefully we’ll be better, it’s that we have a too young point guard, we lost Brunk, and the young guys we have, CAM’s recruits are getting better and showing a ton of promise.
  13. Thanks for posting all this detail. Highlights my concern about CAM not valuing the three ball - we do not shoot enough from the arc, and we DO have guys that can hit. Not shooting enough from the arc clearly negatively impacts the team’s ability to put points on the board and win. Hopefully that trends up along with the overall recent improvement in outside shooting. Let Jerome and Leal et al shoot. Let them get it going
  14. I took 2 years of French in college. My wife did not. Early in our marriage we went to Paris. At a restaurant, she decided to order in French: “Je suis Hambuger.” 😂
  15. Poltergeist - the original not the crappy remake - my first date movie, Anne... ah the memories 😁
  16. How about some kids films that we still watch as classics when they come on The Sandlot
  17. Passed away at 89. Great coach and I will always love his outburst at Calipari. RIP
  18. Honestly, what is their justification for a 48 hour shutdown? That’s kind of pointless
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