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  1. Leal bc he looked more ready to play than anybody. 🤣 Didn’t want to vote for anybody. I know TJD had 18 and 20 boards but I also think he got worked his fair share on the defensive end. Seemed pretty disinterested to me all night. He would be my serious vote, but I hold him to a higher standard (too high probably).
  2. Turnovers were 12 to 5. Gave them 7 extra possessions. That can be controlled.
  3. Well, that stunk. I know TJD had 18 and 20 boards, but this might be the first time all year that I didn’t feel like he was up for it on the defensive end. Everybody was bad to mediocre tonight IMO. Throw it away (really tough place to play) and beat Purdue.
  4. The fact that he missed so many or that he kept shooting!? 😂
  5. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Beat Purdue and Rutgers.
  6. That pass is unacceptable from a senior.
  7. malik can’t guard anybody
  8. He can’t get a quick fourth though or we’re screwed.
  9. JHS is killing us again like he did at Minny.
  10. I thought JHS was supposed to be coming here as a hard-nosed, “heady” basketball player that just won. There is nothing about his game that is “heady”. I didn’t think XJ’s injury would kill us, and it hasn’t, but we really need him back if JHS can’t play outside of AH.
  11. That flagrant is the perfect example of how sissy college basketball has gotten. But TB has to be smarter than that. His BB IQ isn’t very good. It’s easy to foul without making it look so obvious.
  12. 6 Turnovers is the difference. Officials stink, but they always do. We didn’t have a single guy that played well in the first half. Got punched in the mouth. How will we respond in the second half? TJD and JHS need to pick it up, and MK needs to start being a little more aggressive with his shot. If they are going to double, they have to pay for it.
  13. We’re getting punked on the offensive end. TJD (yes, I know he has 8 RB) and JHS need to arrive to the game in the second half if we’re going to have a chance.
  14. Obviously everybody would take those results, but he’s also had one of the top two recruiting classes EVERY single one of those years. So “underachieved” is a valid take IMO.
  15. I think Trayce will struggle if we’re simply trying to back Edey down. But if we can isolate him and TJD can use his athleticism facing up he can really make Edey work. Which will only benefit us on the defensive end.
  16. XJ can’t turn it over at the rate he was turning it over in Big10 play when he returns. I think we can all agree on that. I just hope he assimilates himself into the winning culture when he comes back. Because he hasn’t always been a solid decision maker. He can’t be trying to get his. But I trust Woody to keep that from happening.
  17. That’s XJ. Great team performance. Can’t look at any guy and make a complaint. Let’s ride this wave into MD. Be a tough game that I don’t expect us to win, but we certainly can if we keep playing the way we have.
  18. 🥴. I’m a big bourbon guy. Need to send you some better stuff!
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