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Time to give Justin smith some love.  Played a pretty good game today.  I thought his defense was good even though his man was scoring.  Sometimes good offense trumps good defense.  Hopefully this rai

Can we give Archie some praise? If another coach had won three straight games by 2 or less points we be talking about how well coached they are and how well they execute down the stretch. We win three

My big take away from this thread.... HSN has a lot of old members with bad hearts and drinking problems. Home sweet home!

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I really think this was a great win.  Louisville is a solid team.  Our defense is great, our offense needs work.  Happy for Justin to have a solid game.  Just be that junk yard dog Justin, no mistakes.  Need to work on our free throws.  Still not sure what our line up should be.

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3 minutes ago, IowaHoosierFan said:

Justin looked to have played well.  Needs to soften those hands up but way to go to the hole and finish through contact

Justin has caught a lot of flack on here. He’s still developing, but this game reflects the kind of step that reflects CAM’s confidence in him 

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2 minutes ago, dbmhoosier said:

A win is a win but still disappointed in our play.  Mack can flat out coach.

So I guess having 3 pt shooters while the other team can't even hit ft's makes him a heck of a coach and CAM chopped liver?











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