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6 minutes ago, FritzIam4IU said:

Marv Thorneberry right?

Yep, Marvelous Marv...

"Throneberry saw a pitch he liked and sent it deep into the outfield recesses of the Polo Grounds. Both runners scored easily. Throneberry landed on third base with a stand-up triple. The crowd went wild, and Thorneberry doffed his cap to acknowledge their cheers.

Meanwhile, over at first base, Cubs’ first baseman Ernie Banks was calling for the ball. Ball in hand, he stepped on the bag. He turned to the umpire and said:  “You saw he didn’t touch first when he passed it, didn’t you?”

“You’re right. He didn’t,” the umpire said, raising his fist with the thumb extended, the sign for “Out!”

Not only was Throneberry out, he had technically passed two base-runners, so the runs didn’t count.

Stengel stormed out of the Mets’ dugout to protest the call. However, he never got a chance to present his case to the first base umpire. He was stopped at the third base foul line by the third base umpire and one of the Mets’ coaches.

“Don’t bother, Case,” they told him. “He didn’t touch second, either.”

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