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MSU game thread


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Just now, Parakeet Jones said:

Did that moron really talk smack to Geronimo after JG blocked his dunk?

Yup! And refs let him do it but called a tech on Miller because of how the MSU player reacted to something.

We get punished for how MSU reacts and don’t get rewarded for keeping our cool. 

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Just now, rogue3542 said:

Didn't you hear? The refs are "taking control early" to build their tournament resumes!

Absolutely a bs joke that now they have the announcers saying why they do what they do. How about just call it what it is. Boroski has 2 already that are crap and Eppley didn't want to get left out. I'll say what I said in pregame thread. Woody is getting a T today because he's had enough of the stuff.

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