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HSN Playoff Fantasy Football Draft Thread

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@KoB2011and @dgambill

Since the National Championship game is out of hand, I'm liable to call it an early night, so per KOB's request, I'm creating a separate thread for the Draft only.  

Only draft picks here. All other discussion should occur in the regular thread so that we can limit clutter and easily see who has been drafted and who has not. 

For others that are just stumbling onto this thread, please feel free to read the details about what we're doing with this draft n the thread linked below.  We currently have room for 1 additional participant (as of 7:10 Tuesday morning).  You can sign up at any time until we get 6 players or the playoff games start, whichever comes first.       


For those that are participating, the draft officially starts at 12:01 AM Tuesday, but your first pick can be made at any time up until 11:59 PM that night.  The 2nd round will occur on Wednesday, 3rd on Thursday, and 4tth on Friday.  Makeups for missed picks will be Saturday.  The only advantage to posting as early as possible is guaranteeing that you get the player you want.

@iuswingman - Tagging you to let you know draft picks will be made here (all other discussion in the other thread).

Tagging @KDBas our latest joiner.  



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Summary of players picked through 2 rounds

McCaffrey - 49ers

J. Allen - Bills

J. Chase - Bengals

S. Diggs - Bills

J. Burrow - Bengals

P. Mahomes - Chiefs

J. Herbert - Chargers

J. Jefferson - Vikings

G. Kittle - 49ers

T. Higgins - Bengals

J. Hurts - Eagles

D. Cook - Vikings


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Rosters through Round 3


QB - 

RB -  C. McCaffrey

WR - T. Higgins

Flex - T. Kelce



QB - J. Allen

RB - D. Cook

WR - AJ Brown

Flex - 



QB - J. Burrow

RB - J. Mixon

WR - 

Flex - G. Kittle



QB - J. Herbert

RB - T. Pollard

WR - J. Jeffesrson




QB - J. Hurts

RB - 

WR - S. Diggs

Flex - C. Lamb



QB - P. Mahomes

RB - A. Ekeler

WR - J. Chase

Flex - 


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