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OSU at Indiana MVP?


OSU at Indiana MVP  

41 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your MVP?

    • JHS
    • Kopp
    • Race
    • Trayce
    • Bates
    • Galloway
    • Malik
    • CJ Gunn
    • Banks

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  • Poll closed on 01/31/2023 at 04:00 AM

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12 minutes ago, Steubenhoosier said:

JHS is the easy answer. Banks is the under the radar mvp. Whodathunk?

I have not voted and won't. (probably)

But are you saying that Banks was in there, played pretty damn respectably? I thought seeing him do that was because of me being drunk. But it really happened? Well WHOO ROA !!! I like next year even better !!!

Cheer's fella's ! 

I still won't vote even though I saw some freaking magic out there tonight!

Note to self. don't start drinking at 2, for an 8 game. I hope i Didn't let you all down much. Sorry fella's!  hoo hoo hoo hoosiers!

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