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Beef Jerky

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Don't dehydrate it too long. When it's done it should bend and tear not break. 

The best cuts of meat are top round and bottom round. The key is low fat content.  It's easier to slice if you chill it in the freezer first. 

As for recipe I would just do some trial and error. A typical base for me is 1 part each brown sugar, soy sauce and worcestershire sauce.  Add whatever spices you like.  You can use a meat tenderizer or apple cider vinegar.  

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First round. 6 hrs @ 165*.  Probably could have been 30-60 mins less. But I didn’t want to diverge from the recipe at the first go around. 

I’m really happy with the first go around.  A little charred and crunchy exterior but tender after the initial crunch (looks more charred than it is. Maybe that’s homemade jerky for ya).   The flavor is so good. Chili, black and cayenne pepper, smoky. The best doesn’t kick until after you swallow. Could have used a little brown sugar or honey for a sweetness. 



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