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Distribution of Minutes - No Names


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It appears that next year IU may have a roster full of legit D1 players.  12 schollies already spoken for, with Langford and/or Garland still out there as icing on the cake.  

It got me thinking.  After years of the end of our bench being, to put it nicely, end of the bench worthy, Archie may have quite the challenge finding enough PT to go around (a good problem to have).

So, let's assume for a minute that either Langford or Garland signs on with IU (but not both),  and that all players eligible to return do so.  In that scenario, IU would appear to have 13 players that, on paper, would seem capable of contributing to a Power 5 basketball roster.

So, in that scenario, let me ask you this.  Without giving any names, or assigning a particular player to a particular place in the rotation (let nature take it's course without labeling a particular player), how would you distribute minutes among 13 worthy players.

Would you make it a point to give all starters at least 30 minutes a game? 

Would your primary rotation be 7, 8, or 9 players?

Would  your second tier extend to player 10, 11, or 12?

Here's a stab at my approach at distributing 200 minutes

  • Players 1-2 (65 minutes).  These are your two leaders.  You want at least one of them on the court at all times during a competitive game.

That leaves me 135 minutes     

  • Players 3-6 (88 minutes).  4 players that average about 22 minutes each.  These are guys capable of playing multiple positions, and 3 of the 4 would be expected to be on the court at the end of a close game.

That leaves me 47 minutes

  • Players 7-10 (40 minutes).  4 players that average about 10 minutes each.  Likely filling a specialist role (backup pg, designated shooter, backup center, etc.)

That leaves me 7 minutes

  • Players 11-12 (7 minutes).  2 players that average about 3-4 minutes apiece.  They may not get in during close games, but you should find a way to give them extended minutes (8-12) during blowouts.  They need to be ready to step up into the next rotational tier in case there is an injury.

That leaves me 0 minutes

  • Player 13.  Redshirt.  There is no value whatsoever in having 13 available players on the bench, unless you get absolutely decimated with injuries.  And, if that happens, it's likely your season is over anyway.  Redshirt #13.  Let him get experience practicing with the team, and by the time he is a Junior/Senior, you may have an experienced, valuable, key component that fills a role somewhere between 4th to 8th in your rotation.  



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I like how you have laid that out so nothing I would change.

It is too early to assign names at this point. Who knows who will have a breakout season this year? Which freshman take some time to grow into their roles? 

No question there will be healthy competition in practices and for playing time! Roster shaping up nice with quality and quantity with lots of flexibility.

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