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Ten Man Rotation

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Looking at the “Starting Five” thread,  it appears there are a lot of different opinions about who will start for IU this year — makes sense with how deep we appear to be, and how many newcomers there are.

With all the debate over who the starters will be, I thought it would be interesting to discuss who will be getting the most minutes this year.  Last year, 10 players averaged more than 10 minutes per game (minus Curtis Jones, RIP).  This year, there are 13 scholarship players, plus McBob.  Which 10 players do you think will get the most minutes this year?  Here’s my list, in order from most minutes to least:

1. Juwan

2. Romeo

3. Green

4. Smith

5. McBob

6. Fitzner

7. Durham

8. Hunter

9. Thompson

10. Phinisee

That leaves out Davis, Forrester, Anderson, and Moore.  It got real tough by the end of the list... I think Davis and Forrester can play important roles on this team, but there are only so many minutes to go around.  Will be really interesting to see how Archie handles it this season.

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it really does seem more than i can ever remember that even the guys at the end of the bench are legitimate B1G caliber players.  that said, i always stand by it makes a difference playing your #8 guy over your #13 for example.  i think it's also important to build chemistry.  that's tough to do if you're playing more than 10.  as i always contend i really don't think #9 and #10 need to play a lot of minutes.  it is tough with how deep we seem to be though.  

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35 minutes ago, IowaHoosierFan said:

I personally think you your top 7 guys play 85% of all minutes and the next 3 get the 15%.  CAM doesn't play an up tempo offense so they are not running the floor all the time like Coach Crean did.  They should be able to play 30 minutes a game

Based on last year’s minutes, your numbers here are surprisingly spot-on.  

In conference play last year, 9 players played 97.9% of the available minutes (RoJo, Juwan, McBob, Newkirk, Green, Smith, McSwain, Durham, Hartman).  The top 7 in total minutes played (RoJo, Juwan, McBob, Newkirk, Green, Smith, McSwain) played 83.7% of the available minutes.

Now that was last year, when Davis went down early, Hartman was in and out of the lineup with injury, and we had an already fairly thin roster to begin with.  I would expect the minutes to be a little more spread out this year with how much talent we’ll have, barring injury.

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This discussion is more important than speculating who will start, IMO.  I can't dispute the 10 players the OP listed, but it sure seems like some talented players will be doing a lot of sitting.  I guess that's a good thing for a team, especially since there will always be injuries. 

This is where roster management and (bench) player temperment become important.  It will be interesting to see how Arch manages it since he probably has never dealt with it before as the head coach.

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Smith/McRoberts or Hunter



We are a very deep team and this is a hard decision to make on a 10 ma rotation.  I usually like to have only an 8 or 9 man rotation but with the talent we have there will be some unhappy players.

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My top 10 in no order. 











Davis is #11but his health makes it tricky for me to know where to put him. 

I wonder if either Anderson or Forrester are RS candidates. I really like them both, but I am not sure they play much this year.

Moore?  I hope he earns some minutes. We will see. 

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