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MVP for the Louisville game?


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Green led the team with a +8. McRoberts was next at +3.

Smith led the team with 9 rebounds. Added 9 points. 

Davis with 8 points in 14 minutes and hit 2-3 free throws. 

Romeo with 21 points and 4 assists - both led the team. 

Morgan w 15 points, 5 boards and 2 blocks. 

Phinisee w 10 points and the dagger 3 late. 6 boards. 

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I'm going with Archie as well.  One thing that drove me nuts with FCTC teams was the quality of shots that we used to get and give up.  We were constantly taking tough 3s and contested drives/jumpers while the other teams were able to get so many wide open 3s and layups.  Now, we are the ones constantly shooting high percentage shots in the paint.  We need to protect the ball better and knock down our open 3s, but the quality of shot that our offense creates has greatly increased with Archie's coaching.  57% shooting on our 2 point fieldgoals.  We had a ton of close-ranged shots.

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12 minutes ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

All we need is Mile and his Mile-Hi game ball.....

I'm going with CAM, at least the guys were able to in-bounds the ball during critical times late in the game.

Something that plagued FCTCs teams.....

No need to wait any longer.

The prestigious mile hi game ball.

Goes to three players :

1) De'ron Davis.  For when Juwan went out with a shot to the head.  And IU was down by 9. And looking like the game could get away from us.  De'Ron put his big boy pants on and said...."No Way !"  I'm going to put an end. Just let me show you what I can do.  And I'll even hit a free throw, to keep IU in this game ! "

2) Justin Smith.  Who had his ups and downs.  But his ups were better at crucial times of the game, than his downs.

3). Rob P.  For like Reacher said, above..... for his DAGGER,  near the end of the game.  Most frosh would not have attempted that shot, with the game on the line.  Rob P. showed ice water in his veins. 

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7 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

I hate to say this, and I'll probably take some crap for it but...Romeo...Always Romeo.

Without him we're the close to .500 team we were last year.

He's a difference maker.

No need to hate to say it.  And no crap from me.  As I have stated, we have two rocks we  can depend upon.  Romeo and Juwan.  They never need to disappoint.  And against Louisville, they accomplished their missions.  However, in order to become a championship team.... we need others to step up.... from game to game.  I keep saying this.  Where other teams depend on one (ie. Stevens with Penn State).... Archie is blessed to have not one, but two core members.... and a wealth of team talent, he can call upon, given the game situations. 

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