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PODCAST: Interview with Armaan Franklin's mom, India


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1 hour ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:


Kind of my initial reaction as well. Here's my question since she tweeted it out last week. Ask her if her skin is thickening. Haha. The good news is Sarita Brooks responded right away. Maybe their just having fun by doing things like this. 

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I'd like to know if through the recruiting process they were able to gain insight into Practice and Basketball operations and how those things compare to other schools that recruited Armaan. As fans we have insight into facilities and many of the externals with the program, but we don't get to see if practice is run well and if the operations side of the program is well organized and well oiled (so to speak).

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Why did he switch high schools?

What drew him to committing to IU and Archie?

Did any of the IU assistants make a notable impact and why?

How did having an aunt as a college coach impact his development as a player?

Are there others in the family who are heavily into basketball, professionally, coaching etc.?

I believe he’s a good student. What is he planning on majoring in?  What are his career goals after playing?  

What are his strengths as a player?

What does he think he needs to improve upon the most as a player?  

Is he tight with TJD and KBJ?

What was his second choice after IU and why?

Most importantly, if you listen to her answers carefully, that will cue you to other questions.  Interviewers who are too wedded to a script leave a lot of meat on the bone   


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I’m not just saying this but you guys did a great job. I enjoyed it.  It was very informative. 

She is outstanding.  I was very impressed with her.  Very bright and interesting that she went to UM.   Armaan is lucky.  

I am very excited to watch Armaan.  I have a good feeling he’s going to be the type of player coaches and fans will love.  

I hope he puts up a ton of three point shots all summer.  If he can hit some shots it might get him on the floor early.  But, I’m ready to see him defend and play smart team ball which is what I think we will get.   

I do hope she stays off the forums, lol. Not much good can come out of that.  

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