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Favorite franchise french fries ?


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Either national or local.

For me .....

National : McDonald's

Local: Good TImes. Has 24 outlets in Colorado and two in Wyoming


Really interested in learning about local franchise french fries.  But also what your favorite national franchise french fry is as well.


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1 hour ago, Drroogh said:

Man I haven't been to a Penguin Point since I was in school in Angola! I (40+ years ago) I have to laugh when I see the Big Boy on the new Ford Truck advertisement!

Got 3 Penguin Points in Warsaw, they are based there.  But their signature sandwich is a Big Wally.

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28 minutes ago, Drroogh said:

Back in the 70's the Penguin Point in Angola was an Azar's. Or maybe this old mind is really confused!:cheers: Just know they had a Big Boy out in front of the Penguin Point resteraunt.


Don't know nothing about that......I just know they ain't got a Big Boy statue in front of the Penguin Points in Warsaw, or any other one I have been to for that matter.

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9 minutes ago, Zlinedavid said:

National: Burger King.

Becoming national: BurgerFi.

Local: Taste of Belgium, Cincinnati. Menu defies description, everything from fried chicken and Belgian waffles to mussels. But, getting to the important stuff: great fries and huge beer selection.


They have fries in Belgium?

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On 2/14/2019 at 10:34 AM, Billingsley99 said:

I ain't gonna lie hard to beat 5 guys.

Fast food is McDonalds, with Rally's a very close 2nd

Glad you mentioned Rallys. That was the first one that came to my mind. There are a few Checkers sprinkled around Chicagoland. The only place I would consider going to just for fries. Steak n Shake comes in second for me with their shoestring fries. 

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