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New helmets?


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8 minutes ago, 68Hoosier said:

Nooooooo, lets stick with the block IU please.

As an IU student at the time of our one and only Rose Bowl appearance.  I can only say.  The one helmet that is at the top of my list. 

We put stars on uniforms for national championships.  Why can't we honor our sole Rose Bowl appearance with the block I ?


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I wish we had two helmets: metallic crimson with the standard interlocking "IU" in white, and pearl/metallic white with the standard interlocking "IU" in crimson.

Rationale: I'm very much an "elegance in simplicity" person when it comes to aesthetics. The interlocking "IU" is the most universally known graphical representation of the university, so use it and make it identifiable.

That probably hits the (Un)sweet spot where it's not traditional enough for some and not flashy enough for others, but that would be my preference.

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