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Various Hoosier Podcasts


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I, and assume others, would like to hear which Podcasts on IUBB that you like. I don't want to disparage any of them, but obviously some are better than others. And we all have our legitimate opinions. Personally, I don't know of that many, and would appreciate input from all of you to hone in on those you like.

I have listened to Hoosier Hysterics guys, Assembly Call, and Hoosier Sound in the past. (I don't count radio shows other than Archie's). I try not to miss the Hoosier Hysterics guys. Any others I should be listening to regularly?


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I am always seeking good content.  I will say, I like all the people involved as they are sincere.  I have listened intently for years, so I am able to gauge the different podcasts.   Clearly, all podcasts are not equal.  Here are my unvarnished opinions: 

1. Hoosier Hysterics.  A plus.  These guys make it look easy but it takes tremendous skill to elicit such candid and heartfelt interviews.  The subjects all seem to respond well and even appreciate the opportunity to tell their stories beyond superficiality.  They are eager to participate, and are willing to stay on for literally hours.  The hosts have a way of disarming people, and they get out of "interview speak" (which is what most of us would get get out them) and really provide deep insight.  If you take the interviews as a whole, they are very instructive on success vs failure.  The HH guys are self deprecating but they are talented.  It's not as easy as they make it look.  Good for them.  I applaud them to the highest degree.  These guys are so good they expose the weaknesses of others. 

2. Crimson Cast (Galen Clavio): he's a talented host.  It's not just basketball as they have enthusiasm for football too.  They are an easy listen.  They do a good job. 

3. Mind Your Banners.  Chronic Hoosier is the talent here. He's got some good insight and ways of thinking of things that I haven't thought about.  Zach Osterman is exceptionally articulate.  However, he ought to prepare better with sharper and tighter points.  He has a way of droning on and on, not saying anything of consequence.  He could be much more judicious with the content of his spoken word.  I have to shut him down after awhile.  He reminds me of the kid in school who raises his hand every day and just goes on and on, whether it is insightful or not while the rest of the class rolls their eyes.  The other issue here is that Zach is so careful with what he says that he holds back insight because he just isn't interested in challenging the coaching or administration.   That may be ok if you're from a fan website but not at the Indy Star, where you should not run scared from IU.  It's like state run media.  It'd be interesting to know how heavy handed the AD Department is that the beat writers are so deep in the tank for the programs.  You don't need negative Nancy's like Robin Miller and especially Bill Benner, who lost all objectivity when they had a personal axe to grind.  But being deep in the tank, afraid of the program and AD, is too far the other way.  

4.  Assembly Call.  I like the  program, but again, much like Osterman, they can prepare a lot better with much sharper and tighter points in their podcasts.  But it's a good fix after a game when I am hyped up so I appreciate their effort.  The real star here is Ryan Phillips.  Very sharp and he has astute observations.  Jerod comes up with some good thoughts at times, but he could be much more judicious as there's just a ton of forced, filler.  Listeners by and large don't have the kind of time to ferret through droning podcasts to listen on and on to aimless banter.  Andy Bottoms comes across as an amiable guy and he can make some decent bracketology observations.  But they could limit his air time to crisp segments and then release him into the night.  Just way too much rambling without good analysis.

5.  Inside the Hall.  Brutal, just terrible.  Alex Bozich has the least amount of energy as you can find.  It's as if he's a 70 year old man, just mailing it in.  Maybe it's because he achieved a successful website at a young age, but he really struggles.  One big tell is when these guys interview the same subject as the Hoosier Hysterics guys.  It's night and day.  HH is a must listen.  I have literally had wet eyes at times.  Inside the Hall's interview of the same people is characterized by that monotone, boring, platitude filled content.  If Alex wants to cruise listlessly along, he ought to hire a talented young buck to take the reigns.  

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