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Score Predicitons

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Score aside, interested to see a few things in particular 

- Dem's outside shooting

- Hunter picking up from 2nd half, a little more rust off, a more aggressive game?

- Franklin repeats / continues his impressive debut 

- Rob, looking fully back?

- the inside-out game -- 3's etc. created by working it inside

- tempo. how we impose a transition game, speed. 

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9 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

78-71 IU. Some reason I think this is going to be closer than we want.

Of course, considering my World Series predictions HoosierHoopster might be closer.

I just forsee another slow start for some reason.  Maybe last year left a bad taste in my mouth.  I'll say this that if we start off well we win by 30+ easy.

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