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Archie will be coaching for his job tonight

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2 minutes ago, jojo123 said:

Archie's seat is very hot folks. He loses this game to a horrible Nebraska and misses the tournament, Archie is out.  

Source or link please if you are at liberty to share it? 

Thank you in advance!

If this is just an opinion then I'm out! 

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Give it a break !

Even an old fart like me can clearly see the progress this team is making. And based on the slow progress of finding a new AD, there may not be anybody to make that decision in the first place.

If you do work for the media, go make up some more fake news....

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9 minutes ago, dbmhoosier said:

Is that you fpeaugh?  They won't fire him even if we lose tonight and miss out.  He'll get a 4th year.  And we're NOT losing tonight. 

Does covid-19 affect the brain? Because when I read this, the song "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves popped into my head...


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Gosh darn it! Guess I lied.  

I have to chime in that if @dbmhoosier is on the same side of a topic as I am, then that says it all to me! ;)  Sorry to tag your name but I think you might get a grin out of this.Lol 

Not sure if you know but I've always liked where you were coming from when it comes down to it and occasionally give you a hard time for fun. Among the  toughest standards to be satisfied on this board but it is admirable since you have to read the fine print to understand you as a fan and that really love IUBB. That is honest but you're cool by me if that is worth anything at all .

THIS time i'm really out and not looking back but I make note every time me and dbm are on the same page LOL  .

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