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HSN March Madness - Day 14 - Games 53 & 54

HSN March Madness - Day 14 - Games 53 & 54  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • 1991 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1975 Indiana Hoosiers
  2. 2. Who wins?

    • 1978 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1983 Indiana Hoosiers

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Day 14 of the 64 years/teams of IU Basketball Tournament

Vote for the team you think would win

Each day (Mon-Fri) will have 4 games and the polls will be open for 48 hours. I will try to post the new day’s games at noon EST.

HSN members are encouraged to debate, discuss memories of the teams involved in today’s matchup, post links to videos/games, etc. before voting on that day’s matchups.

Today’s Bracket:



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The first game was an all-timer,.  The teams battled through OT after OT.  #, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...

In the 9th OT, foul attrition had the game down to a 2 on 2 matchup with between Chris Lawson and Pat Knight versus Mark Haymore and Steve Ahlfeld.  

In the 11th OT, Lawson and Haymore were called for a double foul, eliminating both as it was each player's 5th foul.

That left the game down to a 1:1 matchup between Pat Knight and Steve Ahlfeld.  The posession arrow resided with '91.  The only problem was that Knight could not take the ball out of bounds as the only person he could throw it to was Ahlfeld.  As a result, he took a 5 second violation.  With ''75 now in possession, Ahlfeld did the same. 

After about 3 minutes of 5 second calls (with no time coming off the clock), the officials  stepped in and asked the coaches  to step over and ordered them to tell their players to throw the ball in bounds.  At that point, Coach Knight blew a gasket and Bobby got heated as well. 

Both coaches were given technical fouls.  Pat Knight made 1-2 of the technical shots.  Ahlfeld made his first easily.  His second bounced on the rim 7 times before falling in, giving the '75 team quite the victor to remember.  

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