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Give me a great American.

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16 minutes ago, mrflynn03 said:

Roy Benavidez


There is a book about him named Legend.HiWithout a doubt the most amazing story of selflessness I have ever read. 

His story is riveting. Truly a great American.  Thanks so much for this contribution.  Continue to stay safe.

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50 minutes ago, jv1972iu said:

Ernie Pyle

Oh yeah.  Buried in   Hawaii.  Overlooking Pearl Harbor.  If any of you ever get the chance... I recommend spending some time over his grave.  I hear tell there is a Hall at IU, named after him as well.  

Great contribution jv.

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2 hours ago, Madison22 said:

My step-father.

He was a WW 2 captain.  Battle of the Bulge, a winter affair from December 1944 to January 1945.  Horrible conditions.

He commanded one of several companies, with each company between 100 and 200 soldiers.  Over a thousand men.  Many poorly dressed for the cold.

The companies were ambushed by a huge German front.  90% US causalities.

The other captains were killed.  My step-father was the only one of his rank to survive.  He took command of the remnants of all the companies, rolled them into one brand new company, and got them back to safety.  Through bitter cold, snow, snipers, and ongoing attacks.

End of story?  Not yet.

They did get back to safety.  Nearly all were wounded.  Many frostbitten.  They had a few days to eat and sleep.  Most thought they were done with the war.

Then my step-father received his orders.  He had to go tell those men they were going right back into the war zone they just escaped from.  Every man was needed.  No exceptions.  And he would lead them. 

Incredibly, they followed him.  Knowing full well what might be waiting for them. 

He survived the war (as did most of the men in the new company).  He had a wonderful career in Indiana as an educator.  I never heard him raise his voice, or say a disparaging word against anyone.  He lived to nearly 80, and hundreds came to his funeral.  Before he died, they tried to name a school after him, but he said no.  

I think of him often.  He was kind and compassionate.  Just a farm boy thrust into a war like everyone else.  But that moment when he went to those troops and said "Get your gear, we're heading back out." 

I can't imagine.  

Thank you, HSN, for letting me share his story.  I don't want to give his name, or identify myself, but this all happened.   

Incredible story about an incredible American.  Love learning about stories like this.  And thanks so much for sharing.  

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