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'21-'22 rankings and ratings


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4 hours ago, RoadToZion said:

Goodman, Seth Davis, and Rothstein don't have us in the top 25. 

I would put us top 25. But to be fair, our body of work to date does not demand that we must be ranked.  I am ok with sportscasters wanting to see more before they jump on the bandwagon.  

Honestly, I prefer we build steam with the rankings than getting over-hyped too soon.

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37 minutes ago, HoosierDom said:

We somehow dropped this week.

We haven't really played anyone and collapsed in the second half and almost lost the St Johns game.  Keep winning and we will make the top 25.  I am ok if we stay just out of it for now.  Keep these kids hungry and a chip on their shoulder.  We have 2 more cupcakes and then things start getting real

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Statistics-based rankings become valuable after conference play has been underway for a few weeks, until then it draws on previous season and what little can be learned in the new, current season.  Any ranking that shows Iowa ranked is validation of this.  They will be in the lowest third of conference standings at year’s end, but still seen at the moment as top-20ish in most polls.   Iowa will struggle to finish above .500 overall by year’s end.  

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