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Marshall Post Game Thread


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Wasn’t pretty, but with this game coming after Thanksgiving and right before Syracuse it was pretty much a trap game.

Thought X and Trayce were outstanding (clearly the top two guys on the team) and thought we got solid minutes from most of our guys, but sheesh Geronimo and Durr were rough. 

props to Marshall too. That’s a team I would imagine will contend for a bid come march. They’ve got some tough shot makers on that team. 

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1 minute ago, IU Scott said:

8-15 from 3

14-19 free throws.

If we can shoot like that from both we should be in good shape.

We have to get better at from the bench if Woodson is going the whole sale changes.

CMW saw it didnt work and didnt go back to the 2nd team. Good for him. Some nights it will work, some nights it wont.

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1 minute ago, FKIM01 said:

Oh...and Durr is terrible.  I don't see him giving TJD any meaningful minutes.  He travels, sets moving screens...just a poor fundamental player.  Unless he tightens up considerably, I'd be OK with him hitting the portal.

I want to see him in game shape before I go this far. He cant jump 2 inches which concerns me.

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