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Wisconsin Postgame Thread


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Just now, Bushmage said:

Xavier Johnson lost us this game. Once again, Rob comes in and can't do anything offensively. Trayce didn't really get the ball or do much either.


This was an inexcusable loss given the first half.

No.  Woody lost is the game.  You can’t keep playing him the way he was playing.  Also, didn’t like the stretches with both Race and TJD off the court and the back ups.  There was no offense with Rob, Durr, Geronimo, bates on the court.  

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Just now, FritzIam4IU said:

Brutal...just shaking my head.

Why did the coaches not tell Xavier to stop driving and throwing up that out of control garbage time after time?

Thank you. I was screaming at the tv. Couldn’t they hear me? I mean they are sitting right in front of the mayhem and just let it ride. 

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None of my real IU fan buddies even watched that game.  Says EVERYTHING about this program and team.  I watched, knowing the ENTIRE time we would lose.  Badgers -3.5  was the best bet of the year.  Ill keep watching the ship sink.  It is not getting better my brothers and sisters.  The dye is cast.  

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