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  1. Beat the rest of our schedule and see what the NET says about Indiana then
  2. Interesting facts, thank you. Personally, I am not a fan of either guy. At all. Peace!
  3. This. I would add this thought: If talking $#!+ to your teammates helped them bring an edge to fight harder, then I hope Justin (or anyone) tells them all to STFU, GFY, and even FYATHYRIO. We battled last night better than in any game I can remember the last 2 years. Let these guys play off one another however they must, in order to stop rolling over when we get punched in the mouth. STFU indeed!
  4. I would prefer a new list of possible replacements for Coach Miller after the next loss. How about Knight, Calhoun or Wimp Sanderson? (now 82 and looking ripe for a new gig)
  5. Fantastic grit, decision-making and execution of the post entry. The Green 3/4 court shot at the half was the key, though. Fer shure
  6. This thread soon to be 100% irrelevant. Great B1G road win tonight!
  7. Great second half! Decision-making, toughness, execution. So happy for the guys and the staff. Great B1G road win!
  8. Hoping the guys come out with even more intensity to take this win. They were in danger of dropping off the ledge and battled back. Lots of room to improve an execution in the 2nd half. Come out ready to fight boys!
  9. Man we have had some really ugly TOs the last couple years. That one by DD included lol
  10. Great win for the guys and for the staff. As many here have already noted: If they take that mindset every time out... they can still achieve their goals. Garza is a monster, clearly B1G POY and should be national POY, given the nightly competition in conference play. Let's go get a road win on Sunday.
  11. I confess to not watching any women's team games this year... but I watched the game against PU and I agree they are playing very well. Smart decisions, sound fundamentals with great shooting. I was also wishing our mens team had these traits. Nicely done Hoosiers women's basketball!
  12. Signing off. Let's get em next time ha
  13. I would say this is unbelievable, but it is.
  14. TO by Cujo. Yep he was one of ours lol
  15. Yes this team's shooting is also giving me a drinking problem. Either that, or my drinking has given the team a shooting problem.
  16. I prefer you think of it as a "rhetorical question"
  17. As bad as we shot, I'll take that first half on the road in the B1G. We COULDN"T shoot that poorly in the 2nd half. Could we?
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