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  1. Drought covering half of US. Mega drought out west... Yet I got an inch of rain this morning and my grass is green. Unusual for early Aug. https://gizmodo.com/us-drought-august-2022-1849377876
  2. Looks beautiful. We have been getting a lot of cucumbers this year but they have no taste. Not sure what we are doing wrong.
  3. Bringing the beer thread back to page 1. I went to SW MI last weekend for a few days of beaches and Beer. First stop was Saugatuck Brewery. Have been there before. Good food and beer but nothing outstanding. Always crowded. Next up was the Mitten. Due to Venetian night, it was hard to find parking. They have 3-4 tables inside but a nice outdoor area. Only serve pizza. Beer was good. The Big Lake Brewery in Holland was our favorite. Nice outdoor patio, good beer, food and service. Lastly, we hit Ghost Isle on our way home. Had a short wait. Average food and drink. Next time I'll go to Church Brewing a block down. I see they added some outdoor seating. SW MI is perfect for a weekend pub crawl. Lots to choose from.
  4. Her car was being driven by her 27 year old aide.
  5. Some interesting numbers... No way IL is that high. https://bamahammer.com/2022/07/30/data-understanding-college-football-realignment/
  6. I was surprised by how dry CA was when I was there last month. Looked like it was turning into AZ. Las Vegas also had some flash floods. I guess it is good they are getting some rain.
  7. I wonder If DeShawn Harris-Smith put in a good word on his visit? Ideally like - "Coach Woody, I'm committing here. You should offer Caleb as he is a future star, we have a great relationship and I'm pretty sure he would like to play with me on college."
  8. Not too promising - https://gbmwolverine.com/2022/07/28/ranking-big-ten-offensive-lines-heading-2022/
  9. Don't sleep on Kaleb Banks. I think he will be getting some minutes in there too
  10. Thanks to the @The Daily Hoosier for this- https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/watch-summer-qa-with-iu-basketball-sophomore-guard-tamar-bates/ Looks like Tamar is bigger stronger and more motivated. I would have liked to get his impressions of the newcomers.
  11. https://www.insidethehall.com/2022/07/27/q-a-class-of-2024-forward-jesse-mcculloch-discusses-indiana-offer/ Looks like we have some competition for him. MSU again.
  12. Big rains in St Louis as well as WI, IL and IN. I got a couple of inches over the weekend but North and South of me got much more. Any reports from @Stlboiler23 or our other St Louis members? https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/26/historic-rainfall-in-st-louis-leaves-cars-stranded-on-flooded-streets-and-residents-fleeing-homes.html https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/u-haul-offers-30-days-free-storage-to-st-louis-area-flood-victims-301593844.html
  13. I like the evaluations from @PointGuardEyes. Hope he does all our commits.
  14. Still ongoing. Maybe something later today?
  15. IMO, Harris Smith would be the back up choice for Kaiser. You would think Booker would be a priority and he'll have a spot if he wants one. Taking Page makes me think odds aren't as high for Booker. We would have Logan at C with Banks, Newton, Kaiser? and Page? then. If we oversign, I'd have to believe coaches know someone is likely not to be back- whether a transfer or early departure to the NBA. If JHS, is doing that well, maybe he leaves and Harris Smith takes his spot?
  16. Do you think we would take both Kaiser and Harris -Smith? Want to make sure we have room for some bigs.
  17. Official set for Wed July 27.
  18. Has FL schools ahead of the CA ones... https://hawkeyeswire.usatoday.com/lists/2022-big-ten-expansion-candidates-top-25/
  19. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Iowa-basketball-Projecting-Fran-McCafferys-starting-lineup-bench-options-190417134/
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