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  1. I bet Dane and Matta share a lot with Woody about how things work in the Kohl center.
  2. So, When/ if we win this, can we say the bench actually won it? Smell test says the starters are becoming entitled. AND we have some talent on the bench for certain match ups.
  3. OK, but at least his commentary was "colorful", right? lol
  4. OK, but at least his commentary was "colorful", right? lol
  5. I seem to recall RMK talking about the added difficulty and lower % of the step back shot. Seems like his commentary was pretty colorful about it.
  6. She's only 8 yrs old right now. It'll be a while !
  7. They only put up 33 in the first half. Magic 8 ball says, "better look out"
  8. OMG yes, except it's a daughter. 5 #@%$#^ vehicles, all with damage to the right front tire area. The last vehicle that I own which I let her drive, shoe totally sheered off the lower A arm on the right front. It took her 8 weeks to get her another car. On her FIRST drive in it (roughly 2 1/2 miles), the wife and I was following her. Nice and straight down the road, nicely centered between the lines, under the speed limit. About 1/4 mile up the road I see a tree had fallen and laying about 2' past the white line off the right side of the road, no other obstacles. What did she do you ask? Drove a straight line to the damn tree. Brush and leaves flying all over the place, scratches all down the car. With my head in my hand, the wife says " well it was kinda close to the road"..... She is why we can't have nice things.
  9. Mike Woodson should say what Mike Woodson wants to say. I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut that KL and RP AND the entire rest of the team know exactly what his plans and reasons of, are. I get the feeling that Woody is a great leader, which means he is 100% transparent to his players. That means "qualifiers" put in front of statements for the consumption of us fans, is totaly worthless PC BS. My opinion of course.
  10. Didn't those feel good for a change? I know they sure did for me, and then laying in bed for the next hour rethinking of every minuscule mistake that would have won the game. It brought me back to the feelings of glory days era.
  11. That's the only way I know, never look down never give up
  12. Durr has given us some serviceable minutes.
  13. I was going to say it a few days ago but decided to wait. IMO JG has incrementally regressed the last 3 games (by my eye test). It almost seems like he went and speed himself up and that isn't working bro. Just simma down a little JG!
  14. I know, right. If we could only see these coincidences before they happen, we just might be on to something. It's really weird isn't it?
  15. He does.... When he catches the pass in the basket. Not when he catches it at his ankles, or has to move 3' to go get it and then still try to get back in shooting rhythm. Must have better passes!
  16. I think they need to get back to passing the ball up the court instead of dribbling it up. I don't think that's a Lander thing, I think the rest of the team has been clearing out. I want it in the front court in 2 seconds.
  17. This is extremely minor, but I think as the camera was on him and his coach while they reviewed. You could read the coaches lips saying something like, that was a dumb move.
  18. Yep, Ancient proverb. Never hunt shrooms in a walnut hull patch.
  19. Just unsubscribed ! Please explain why you want to unsubscribe. (they ask) Not happy with the quality of video content
  20. Looked like Tamar, ran over from the bench, while not in the game, to help Leal up after taking that hard spill.. Well they said it was a hard spill anyway, couldn't see it.
  21. Hey Keet, you're there. Go break that camera dudes zoom arm!
  22. If I am the producer, or whom ever, I am removing the dang zoom knob from that camera
  23. I'm now sorry I found out how to put it on my Roku. Had to go to the computer to get it to start. EFFF B1G+
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