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  1. He have any French Lick in his family tree?
  2. A buddy I grew up with always told a story about his grandma and grampa. Catholic, traditional BIG family. Some winter ~50's they were running out of wood to heat the house. Grampa was in some kinda slump and being lazy and ignored several request from Gramdma to go cut some wood. Well one day she had enough and started ripping the siding off the house to burn. Grampa suddenly came out of his funk.
  3. Nice work and I love the sentiment about the MIL. Now that the wife has a system for getting things done, I’d change that lock on the shed asap!! 😉
  4. And, as far as maybe the fan base goes (which included some parents, the media, AAU Coaches, high school coaches and current NBA STARS), Mike Woodson may be one of the very last few that is ready, willing, able AND proven, to bridge that gap between IU greatness (RMK) and the state of IU today? Have we finally caught a break, a HUGE humongous break? I'm probably being overly dramatic.
  5. Old man life hack #83. Replace those hard arm rest on your couch that are too tall anyway, with the stuffing out of a "My Pillow". It will make many nights of your married life much more enjoyable! You will thank me sooner than later.
  6. I'm leaving to go to the Bama house for a few weeks tomorrow. The wife just bought big bucket of KFC. I ate all of the skin off all of the pieces in the bucket. This will be a pet peeve of hers... I'm sure I'll hear about it.... .. .. Via text! 🤪
  7. NO, No you are not. I've been hold'n back, but when the time comes.... I'll let the dawgs out!
  8. Trust me, I totally get it, but this seems a really odd stance from what I understand from your past posting. I suspect, this came about as a way to force a certain sector of the population to have a secured employment opportunity. As I say this, please keep in mind I TOTALLY get what you (and others) are saying. My very first time driving through, needed gas, some dud(e) pulled the nozzle from my hand and demanded that I gave him my credit card for the pump. This short fat country boy was game on! I envisioned Giraldo Rivera doing an "is this the tomb of Joe_Hoosier" show 40 yrs from now (Giraldo would be 110 by then BTW). Anyway, I let him pump it. All went well and my card wasn't pimped. Then I've spent the last several years thinking about this "stupid" law. It used to be that you felt insulted to have to pump your own (not talking about being a married man) gas. While he was pumping the gas I could go in and get my banana smoothy and marlborough reds. I get out and I am ready to go, and the windshield has been cleaned. Like other things, it was scary as heck..... the first time. Now I kinda like it that I understand what I get from it.
  9. Well that wording is awkward... Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Unless you actually meant.... hahaha .
  10. I sent an email last week to 2 people, Our AR gal and a customer. It was short and to the point. 2 lines. "Hey AR girl - Customer has an issue with an invoice, will you please help him? Hey Customer - Will you please email that invoice to our AR girl so she can research it? " 10 min go by I get an email from AR girl. Hey Joe, there was no invoice attached to your email so I have no idea how to help. ....
  11. I was just watching Modern Marvels about the Queen Marry ocean liner. They stated that it had 27 different fires erupt simultaneously and sank. Theories of arson were never confirmed. .... I thought this statement ties in perfectly with today's media stories. 😁
  12. My 3 yr old grandson and I were picking some black berries from our bushes this morning. There's only 4-5 that are ripe while the rest are all still red. He asks me, what do you call the red ones. I explained that they are still black berries, they are just not ripe black berries. He get that confused look on his face and says "I don't understand, they are not Black they are Red". Scratching my granpa head, I say... Well you know you are a little boy that is "this" tall right now, right? He says yes. I ask, What will you be when you are THIS^ tall... He says, "ripe?" We ate the Black ones with a big ole grin on granpa's face.
  13. That suspiciously placed hotel mint on the side of the bath tub, that says “Almond and olive” . isn't an actual mint. Much better to just rub it alll over yourself.
  14. Yea 45 yards, 8/10 accuracy , under live fire conditions, with a pistol, is … well, tv special marksmanship where their handguns shoot 3000 rounds. BUUUT, if he was equipped with a laser dot instead of open sites, and he’d prepped for those distances… it’s possible.
  15. Well of course he will be fine. Who’d eff with him now anyway? Lol I just meant that life may be easier not in the spot light. But yea, huge opportunities await. He should have already signed a book deal by now.
  16. Dayyym! The only stupid thing this dude did was allowing them to release his name.
  17. There was a normal crop duster plane doing the next field over. I expected a tomahawk missile to be fired at the drone but it never happened. I think dusters jobs are being eliminated. but it was awesome to have the opportunity to see this! i would think, even at $15k that’s dirt cheap to replace a $150k ground sprayer or what ever dusters charge. And the farmer can just set at the barn, with a battery, a garden hose and drink beer!
  18. @rico do you and the FIL have a drone to do your spraying? This was a total OMG moment. I had to pull over and watch, so cool! IMG_8674.MOV
  19. I was just told by a buddy that lives in Greenwood that later last night, there was a vigil being conducted for someone that recently passed, in the same general area. Soeone opened fire on the crowd, killed one. Perp is in custody, alive unfortunately.
  20. It’d be funny if woody would set him when he gets with one point of woodys #. Just as a joke of course.
  21. They get testy when you ask them to stick it in the microwave for a minute, and bring some saltines.
  22. hmmm any baggage with that recruit?
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