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Nebraska BTT Postgame Thread


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Stick a fork in the season.

Universities are not allowing students to be together in a classroom but will allow basketball players to fly around the country and then lean/sweat/handcheck/guard each other closely??? Don’t see it happening. The slim chance of playing the tourney went out the window with the NBA season suspension.

I say the NCAA calls it a year, gives everyone a banner and we hoist number 6 in next seasons opener.

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Was kind of shocking to watch Hoiberg struggling on the sideline as the NBA was suspending the season, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson post that they are positive, and the travel ban on flights from Europe. We might have seen the last NCAA games of the season, so at least we won.

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Did Hoiberg get ejected? I didn't see him on the bench and the assistant? Sorry taking care of my 10 month old so wasn't able to watch very intently. Thanks.

Also awesome game. It is great that we actually won a game by a large margin. Time to roll on through Penn State tomorrow. 

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