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  1. The whole scenario just strikes me as odd. Holtman seems to get his share of good players...even in the Bronny James sweepstakes, and yet, that team looks very dysfunctional. No idea why they can't at least play defense.
  2. I see JETS now, but when I first looked, I saw JEETUS.
  3. Somewhere, a 4th grade girls volleyball practice is being conducted unsupervised. Meanwhile, OSU is a very interesting case study on when a bunch of pretty good pieces don't necessarily function as a solid unit. I have a hard time imagining Sensabaugh isn't listening to his coaches. Likewise, it would surprise me if his upper class teammates don't like him. I'm sure there are little moments of jealousy and irritation like you'd have with any set of teammates, but he seems to be a pretty good kid just by looking at his demeanor. I would think Illinois would have more trouble in getting all their new parts to play together than OSU and yet, OSU is the team in freefall. Chalk that one up to something I didn't expect to see this year.
  4. That makes more sense with what I saw. X was shooting flat-footed. I'm sure he's not allowed to jump on it yet.
  5. I find it easy not to admire them. They're effing Turdue.
  6. I assumed all those were just for Bronny. Is he sharing?
  7. Yeah, definitely more at play here than the talent question. Some school will have to decide if the circus is worth it.
  8. That was the highest rating I saw...and yeah, while I'm sure he can play, I'm skeptical that he's that good. Notwithstanding the scouting report in your next post, I think he gets the benefit of the doubt because of his name. ...but, we'll see...
  9. You sound like a closet Turdue fanboy. Have you even watched Trayce this year? He's a lot better as well and he has a unique skill set that Edey hasn't seen this season. Don't always be so pessimistic about IU.
  10. Didn't look like it was fastened on at all...no nuts or bolts in the vicinity? Almost like someone laid it on top of something and forgot it?
  11. Kansas finally breaks their losing streak against some cupcake team in Lexington...
  12. I'd beg to differ. IU lost all three of those games.
  13. I think I know what OSU's problem is. Holtman should put about half the team on a diet. Seems like they have some fatties.
  14. They've had plenty of recent success. No pity for them at all.
  15. Iowa loss...Northwestern Loss...Penn State loss...
  16. What a maroon. I think IU is pretty well coached.
  17. Maybe it's just bad timing but it seemed every time I looked up today, he was missing a 3.
  18. If I had a nickel for every time I've wished that... I wished it in real time. I'm guessing they were concerned about his injury, but a lot of IU fans I was around at the time felt the same way...his upside potential was much greater than TJ Leaf.
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