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  1. I haven’t seen him play but I get the sense from highlights that Perry is much more dynamic than Roth.
  2. I’m not greedy. I just want Liam, Asa, Bidunga, and Travis Perry in ‘24. And then Haralson and Sisley in ‘25.
  3. mental masturbation (uncountable) (slang) Engaging in intellectually stimulatingconversation with little or no practical purpose. (slang) Thought processes that only serve to satisfy oneself.
  4. Few names that got my attention: Gotta get Jaylin Lucas the ball different ways. Cooper sounds like he’s going to be a player this year. Mentioned how explosive Perry can be. TE: Steinfeldt improving. Wants a TE like Hendershot who can block in-line but also catch down the seam. Thinks Brody Foley can be like that. Sam West adding good weight to be ready for physicality of the B1G. Called him a pleasant surprise and athletic. Carter Smith first name he mentioned on the O-line. Fiacable getting better. Very complimentary of the “no nonsense” new O line coach Bostad and the emphasis on toughness, fundamentals and physicality. Mentioned that they are getting tripped up on stunts and games the D-line throws at them in terms of who’s picking up whom. But that’s what practice is for. Edge. Carr showing a burst we need and Carter is a physical presence on the other side. Carr and Myles Jackson competing. Safety. Likes our depth. Juco transfer McDaniel is a leader and physical. Likes how he tackles. Mentioned Sanguinetti, Bonds, Dunnam, Pierre.
  5. Really good video where Allen goes through a ton of players from the spring.
  6. Jalen Washington at 6’10 and who can really shoot would be a great complement to Reneau. But alas there’s no suggestion he’s going into the portal as far as I know.
  7. Yes. If we got Timberlake at shooting guard and Ledlum as a combo forward, it would be perfect. I realize that’s not a slam dunk but we are going for it. Timberlake brings that tough as nails shooter and Ledlum is productive and can score. And they bring experience and class balance. Maybe add a guy with length to protect the rim and let’s go. I also like the wing from Florida who can’t shoot but who is athletic (name escapes me). Plus others will come into the portal.
  8. Good points. I’d rather get a mobile big man who can step out and pop, board and defend. That complements Reneau more, who gives you very impressive post scoring. (I want Logan back as a big man off the bench who can come in and mix it up and pop from 10-15). I think we need scoring without TJD and presumably JHS. XJ will score some. Reneau can score inside. Bates can tick up. But IMO we need a go to scoring element.
  9. Good luck to Kenya! Always happy to see upward mobility for our staff! Good feather in the cap of Woody and our program too.
  10. XJ brings tremendous energy and toughness. He's a superb defender. We missed him and will help next year. I agree with you on team quickness. A little more burst will help with loose balls. I would not question the desire of any of our guys.
  11. I love Galloway's game in many ways. I haven't given up on Bates. I know some people are down on his 0-13 but he does have tools and I could see him putting it together. These guys have good experience now. I would like to see us get seniors at the 2, 4, and 3 positions, in that order. Outside shooter at the 2, a stretch 4 who can shoot and rebound, and a slashing 3 who brings big time athleticism. A couple of those guys need to be able to score.
  12. We had these games where we’d lose 50/50 balls or in general had less energy. It would manifest itself on the defensive end or in rebounding etc. If you defend and hit the boards you can be competitive in most games. I hope our analytics guys are doing a deep dive into this. We sure don’t seem sharp on quick turnaround games the past couple of years. No sense in being in denial. Do self-scouting and fix why.
  13. Good point. We had lot of diversity in hometowns this past roster: Indianapolis (TJD/CJG) Newark (JG) Washington (XJ) Pittsburgh (JHS) Kansas City (TB) Houston (MK) Minneapolis (RT) Miami (MR) Atlanta (KB) Cincinnati (LD) That’s a lot of diversity and I am fine with it
  14. I hope Logan Duncomb comes back. He’s 6’10 now and he’s gained 40 pounds. With his surgery, I think he’s eligible for a redshirt. So he’d be a redshirt soph next year. I think he’s a classic big man who needed time to develop. Unfortunately he missed quite a bit of time his first couple of years. But he’s watched vets like Trayce and Race. Unless there’s a problem with his work ethic, I think this is a guy who can be a good rotational big next year. He was a top 75 recruit and he’s got a motor. He can be solid.
  15. Parents chirping on social media is one of the worst recent developments. Having said that, Gunn has length and potential. He—along with all our freshmen—need to get into the weight room hard. Gunn and Banks are young and look like twigs. Reneau has incredible natural strength but he needs to condition off all his baby fat and get a step quicker. Regarding Gunn, I think his upside is role player off the bench next season and then playing more as an upperclassmen. He has the potential to defend and shoot. But it’s a meritocracy. Get better and prove you deserve to be on the floor. Not a single person thinks the problem was that Gunn needed to play more.
  16. TJD is one of my all time favorites. Love the kid and very proud of him. If I had to list my all time roster of 13 players going back to 1975, he’d be on my list.
  17. The officiating in the conference is a big issue and seemingly never gets addressed.
  18. Agree. There’s no point in being in denial. Teams like Penn State handled us. They did. I wouldn’t make an excuse about it; I’d try to correct the issue. I like Woody a lot. He’s a very smart guy and an incredible leader. A guy like Dakich who tries to criticize him is nowhere near his peer. It’s like Homer Simpson criticizing Einstein. Last night, the media asked him how he wants to scheme next year. He said he doesn’t know until he sees his roster. Ding, ding, ding that’s the correct answer. Having said that, I think he will try to recruit shooting, length, quickness and basketball toughness and IQ. He said over and over again that he doesn’t want to hear whining and you can see from his approach he likes length and experience. I think we are getting upperclassmen.
  19. Let’s get the hot stove going. We lost our two go-to scorers and needed a lot of shooting even when they were here.
  20. What is Tamar’s current shooting streak over a couple of games?
  21. Gave up over 80. I’m shocked by the performance of a couple of guys. Ultimately we are not good enough. We need an infusion of talent and shooting. Hopefully our roster makeup is better in terms of outside shooting and wings.
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