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  1. I was being facetious but he’s more fundamental than being electric like a Giannis. Basketball purists appreciate him but Joey Video Game might move on.
  2. Total dud of a first half. They won’t keep an audience at this rate. Jokic is brilliant but he’s like eating your vegetables.
  3. I haven’t heard any reporting that the staff has reached out to Caleb Love after he became a free agent again. If that’s true, it sure feels like a safe assumption that the staff didn’t hear what they wanted to hear during the Zoom. As an IU fan, this is great. It’s a two way street in the sense that you have to show you’re IU material. Woody has always said this but here the proof is in the pudding. It shows that the staff is very selective. This should give everyone confidence that they are looking at the best fits.
  4. I misspoke the other day. Kaleb Martin is not Kenyon’s son. Sorry if I confused anyone.
  5. I saw his ranking was 87 on 247, which is the service I have trusted the most. That’s solid. 33rd rated QB in the country. Top 700 recruit. All solid.
  6. We’ve got some spectacular numbers out there at scrub time. 77. 57. I think Greg Kite just checked in.
  7. Vogel makes sense. I doubt Doc would work for Brad. Not sure what Nurse would think but speculation about him going to Philly with power.
  8. Can Bam slow up Jokic? I have no idea how they’ve matched up in the past. The Heat with all their overlooked recruits when they came out of high school. Robinson D2. Vincent. Kaleb. Strus.
  9. Looks really solid physically. I couldn’t judge arm strength but definitely like his size and presence.
  10. I was thinking the same thing Reggie said. Every team in the league has young players. Maybe they were on 2 way contracts or whatever. But typically when the games get important, those guys are nowhere to be found. Miami develops their young guys and gets them to the point that they actually trust them on the court and with important shots. Lose Tyler Herro. No problem. They don’t even flinch. Other young guys step up. As good of an organization as there is in professional sports.
  11. How old was Kenyon when he had Kaleb? 12?
  12. Marginally better than the B1G!? Yeah if you ignore the East and only look at the West. That’s crazy. The ACC might not even exist after their TV contract expires and that is because their football is way behind other leagues. They lose Clemson and it’s sayonara. It’s probably going to happen.
  13. Great points. The other thing with Reneau is hitting the weight room hard. The kid is blessed with a great frame but if he is committed with Clif all offseason he can really re-shape his body. He’s not obese or anything but he can convert baby fat to muscle IMO. If he re-shapes his body, I think he can be a step quicker on D and be more switchable. It might help with his conditioning and fouls. If you’re in awesome shape, you can move your feet that much quicker and you won’t lunge or use your hands as much on D. The net effect is he won’t foul as much and will be able to stay on the floor. I love what we’ve done with our new front court. Couldn’t be happier. But not a single one of them is proven for heavy minutes at this level. Huge offseason for the whole crew both in the weight room and in the gym.
  14. No question about Riley and Spo. Incredible. On the postgame, Kenny pointing out he won a series after going down 0-2 at home. It can happen.
  15. Where did you see that? The NCAA being useless isn’t a great thing. Ultimately this is a sport and by definition you need rules. That’s part and parcel of any competitive league. Their silence is deafening. It also doesn’t take much imagination to consider the money sources demanding a say on who a school recruits. School Admin: “hey, we need a mil for Jimmy Cheese. He’s a great QB prospect” Bobby Booster: “ok, send me his film.” two weeks later BB: “pass on Jimmy. But I will write the check for Johnny C. Lately. Or else no $$”
  16. The shooting and lack of risk with Spencer are enticing.
  17. Love is as complicated of a recruit as it gets. He could be a coup or he could spectacularly backfire. He’s got immense talent. At times he had been brilliant. He got some big buckets for them when they made their run. But he also can be inefficient and not a winning player when it’s not going well. It sure looks like he needs to be coached hard. Whether he can accept that or not, I don’t know. If you listen to our players, Woody coaches you hard but the players accepted it. They know that Woody has their best interest at heart and he flat out knows what he’s talking about. Whether Love is a fit — we don’t know because we aren’t part of the discussions. We can see what happens. Woody doesn’t recruit by telling you whatever it takes to get you. He keeps it real. That’s not for everyone. We will see but I am comfortable with however it plays out because I think the staff will vet the issues.
  18. Boston is darn good when they go into urgency mode and are all business. They can definitely pick it up a notch from what we saw in game one. IMO Regarding NBA coaches, this is nothing new. Even coaches who have won can grate on the players after awhile. Bud is a very good coach but there were some negatives associated with him, particularly infamously a lack of adjustments in the playoffs. Nick Nurse is very intense and the players couldn’t take it anymore. After a certain number of years, some coaches wear out their welcome, or the team needs a new formula to move forward even if the coach was solid.
  19. He’s probably not used to any form of academic standards, having coming from UNC.
  20. I think they can all play together. IMO. Accumulate talent and let the chips fall.
  21. Pullin should look at JHS’ film in Woody’s offense. Perfect for him.
  22. Hopefully it was more of a coincidence due to our roster construction, needs, etc. As you astutely point out, JHS is great to put on a poster as to player development (and opportunity). Woody also has a vast portfolio of players from his considerable NBA experience. Our competitors may want to pretend that doesn't exist (like the dufus poster from Kansas' social media crowing that Woody has zero NBA players) but that is not living in reality.
  23. thanks for looking. I think there’s one more category. Guys who are in the draft and not in the portal, but could be a grad transfer. I doubt that concept would be listed yet though. But the program may have some ideas. We know barely the surface of what they know behind the scenes, obviously.
  24. For those saying we don’t have much of a chance on Bidunga, do you mind clarifying the reasoning? I’d just like to know the basis because he does visit a lot.
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