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  1. Author didn’t show his work how he got to that. Disregard.
  2. I’ve said this for a long time regarding the NET. Does anyone truly believe the efficiencies for extending a lead from 20 to 30 are the same as going from 5 down to 5 up? They can add weight to possessions. There are many ways they can model it.
  3. As talented as Carlyle can be and as imposing as Ballo is, it’s Rice who excites me the most out of the new players. He will control the ball and set the tempo. He seems to be very savvy and will fix our biggest weakness. He knows how to change speeds, get the defender on his hip, etc. He looks to be smart, competitive and apparently can lead.
  4. I’m intrigued from the clips I’ve seen. Very long, smooth lefty stroke a la Brian Evans. Also has a very good handle for his height and can drive and use his length to shoot over guys. Can’t comment on his defense or rebounding but he does seem to need to get stronger and grow into his length in terms of movement and quickness. Certainly not a guy I want to add to the list of in state guys who go elsewhere and make us look bad. You can’t get everyone but as a school we’ve had 20 years of way too many mis-identifications of in-state priorities. Since you follow him, care to fill us in on whether he likes IU? I don’t know if it’s myth or fact but his school and head coach don’t seem to send anyone to IU. EDIT. Just remembered Armaan Franklin did start out at IU and was from Cathedral.
  5. Agree. The current environment is baffling and it sure seems like the NCAA has no idea what to do. They’ve just thrown their hands up in the air. It’s beyond the Wild West.
  6. Can’t blame a kid for wanting to be sure after he blows up and can go literally anywhere. Hopefully he will see through all the negative recruiting about IU.
  7. Thanks, Tim. I am definitely trying not to rip on anyone. Just pointing out that winning QB play requires a lot of intangibles and fundamentals from reading defenses, assessing pre snap movements, executing on a consistent basis, having toughness both mentally and taking a hit, etc. That’s just a lot to put on anyone who hasn’t shown enough in these respects. I do like this staff a lot. I’m just expressing a concern for what might prevent a bowl season. Certainly not trying to knock any individual and you acknowledged I wasn’t doing that.
  8. At my age I can’t even listen to a current IU player being interviewed let alone someone from another school.
  9. He’s trending toward being a McD AA. You could see it coming the past six months.
  10. I like how the roster has come together. The staff did a really good job building each position group. I like our chances for a bowl game if Rourke stays healthy. I am not sure you can win at this level with any other QB on the roster. The other guys have talent but there are so many things that go into winning play at the position. If Rourke goes down, the staff will have their work cut out for them getting the rest of the roster to really help carry the backup and create success.
  11. Purdue apologists embarrassed themselves on this. Very ugly and recruits should take note. This is the template for how NOT to handle it. Whether it’s IU, Purdue or anyone, one thing I can’t stand is whitewashing problems.
  12. Coach Cignetti has shown he can navigate recruiting. For each kid who decommits he will find opportunities to land talent. It’s just going to be a merry round getting there. The more important thing IMO to watch will be player development and having a team that is sound and won’t beat itself. That alone can get you W’s. CCC talks about his success in close games. This will make a huge difference. 🤞
  13. Indiana fans tell it like it is when bad news hits. Purdue fans go all defensive when they have bad news. Look at the difference between how the Liam McNeely and Catchings news hit. It’s 100% a self esteem issue. Being defensive and creating post hoc rationalizations is always a pathetic and losing proposition, not just in sports, in life. Purdue fans are in quick sand. Like Illinois with Eric Gordon, who everyone knew was gone months earlier. And he was. Just take the loss and deal with the fact that everyone knew he was a flight risk and it wasn’t managed great.
  14. I don’t see Roth or Kopp at all. He’s very dynamic. The latecomers with offers tell you that.
  15. Wonder if he gets rated top 25 next time the rankings come out.
  16. We hit D line hard in the portal. Doing that was as obvious as saying water is wet but good to see the execution.
  17. Huge get on paper. He may have grown into a DT. I’ve see him listed that way. Was very well regarded coming out of high school, something like the second ranked player in Illinois if memory serves. Good physical tools.
  18. The other thing with the Pacers is they have made a ton of great moves, winning across the board. They now have put together a lot of assets. Do not be surprised if they consolidate a couple of pieces for an impact player. Trading for Haliburton (gave up a nice player to get a great player), stealing Siakim from TOR, tradiing the corpse of Brogdon for Nesmith, trading second rounders for Toppin, getting Nembhardt in the second round, on and on.
  19. Stephen A is a dufus. I don’t know why people waste time on talking heads. Skip. Kornheiser. All of them. But to each their own.
  20. Pacers. Two legit guys in TH and PS plus waves of young, fresh legs and a GREAT coach. They caught some breaks with Giannis and Lillard being hurt but they are going to be a huge problem in the East in the future. The thing is when you win these big games, it really sets you up for the future because you know you can do it. When you lose, there’s always that doubt and it becomes a hurdle.
  21. William has an older brother, Andrew Depeape who was at MSU but entered the portal. He was highly recruited initially. I wonder if we are in on him? He could potentially be a huge plus for our defense. https://www.si.com/college/michiganstate/michigan-state-spartans-football-defensive-end-andrew-depaepe-enters-transfer-portal-msu-042324 https://spartanshield.org/33859/sports/siblings-playing-together-beyond-the-backyard/
  22. If this were blackjack, last year we were sitting on 14 and we stood pat with that 13th spot. This year we are sitting on 19.
  23. Congrats to Hatton. Great achievement for any Indiana boy to lock in IU. He looks like a nice pickup as a backup big. We can be very selective with that last spot. Developmental player, late transfer, decommitment somewhere else, European who falls out of the sky, who knows. Lot of learnings from last off season. It sucks that we were subjected to that but at least they had the humility to correct their ways. The support and insight that Scott Dolson provides sure seems to be tremendous. Until proven otherwise, I think he’s a heroic figure in a sea of administrative dysfunction. This offseason has decidedly demonstrated to any other coach out there the resources that IU has and proven what a first rate job this is. Dolson figures prominently in all that. IMO
  24. I love our depth everywhere but the 5. Malik can slide over but then you may have some interior defense and rebounding issues. I’m positive we will get another big, and I don’t buy that you have to pitch it as 5-10 mins. I’d say more like 12-15 mins and you can earn more. It’s probably going to be the Bellarmine big. He might not solve interior defense but he looks like he plays all out and gives us another big body. Once that’s solved, next man up should be fine.
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