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Rutgers Post Game Thread


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I thought Harper should got a T for taunting after his 3 pointer. Rutgers has a few punchable players on their team.  It is time for us to stop letting teams  come in AH and win then taunt the crowd.

I am so tired of having late leads and blowing them in the last 3 minutes.  We ran good plays and got wide open looks but just couldn't hit wide open 3's.  TJD should look at himself because he is to easy to guard and can be taken out of games late.  He just hasn't expanded his game to where you have to be ready for different moves from him 

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1 minute ago, Milehi Fan said:

Let me guess CMW, you have got to find a way to get them over the hump?  You can’t beat Rutgers…at home…on senior night…with a tourney bid on the line?  I am done, see you all next year.

It's not funny, but I actually said the same thing to my wife. I said I can just hear CMW post game, wash, rinse , repeat....

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