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MVP Voting Thread

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One thing I used to do when I was more active was doing an MVP poll after every IU win. I was thinking about doing it again this season, and then we would compile the season MVP at the end of the season. Two things I need help with:

- I can’t watch every game live, so voting might be delayed. However, if anyone wants to help me, please let me know and we can tag team. It’s better to get the poll up right away while a lot of posters are on. 

- In the past, some posters didn’t like having an MVP poll after a loss. I think we still should, but what are your thoughts? 

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I would vote to have it after both wins and losses (if we have any :coffee:).

On average, I probably only get to watch about half the games live, so I'm probably not the best choice to commit to helping.  And, if I dont watch live and we lose, I dont watch at all.

But, I agree.  MVP polls/threads are good to have.

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Jaybob...I'll be glad to help in anyway you need. Not bad with spreadsheets to track stuff. Actually I did it for the AH guys community forum one year. Wasn't crazy about the format they used, but it worked.

I'm retired and my hobby is IU BBall. So my life revolves around watching all the games.

PM me if you want me to help out.


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