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LITHUANIA's Bench OUTSCORED peeyew's bench 34 to 9 !!!!

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I'm LOVING IT 11 By the way this is still an Indiana University Sports WEB Site , isn't it ?? Also , LITHUANIA' OUTSCORED pee yew in second chance points 20 to 9 !! I'm LOVING it !! Does the fact that pee yew got OUTSCORED by 25 POINTS re" Bench play and another 11 POINTS in second chance points point to what the smellermakers will have to deal with against GOOD American College Basketball teams ??? That IS WHAT I AM HOPING FOR !1 By the way , Haas only played 26 minutes and 28 seconds versus Lithuania !! He was not in foul trouble either as he only had 2 personal fouls !! Can it be that he just can't play a full game ?? By the way , in the Gold Medal game :: Nojel Eastern had 5 personal fouls , as did Jacquil Taylor and Dakota Mathias !! As a team  pee yew committed 20 fouls to Lithuania's 16 team fouls !! Well , at least pee yew won that stat . VBG !! Pee yew had 12 turnovers to Lithuania's 11 turnovers. OMG-PU won that stat TOO ,vbg !!  LITHUANIA outrebounded pee yew 44 to 32 !! I guess pee yew's  losing their  #1 rebounder and # 1 scorer from last season hurt them in the TITLE game !! LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO !!

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13 hours ago, 5fouls said:

Vintage HTD.  You are missed, my brother.  You are missed.  

Thanks for bumping this back up.

Cynicism is easy and way too common these days. HTD's unbridled passion and optimism was awesome and fun to read. I wish more people (and admittedly myself included) would just let the joys of sports/events/life triumph over the hardships. It makes for a better experience.

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