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IU at Iowa MVP


IU at Iowa MVP?  

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  1. 1. Who was your MVP?

    • JHS
    • Kopp
    • Race
    • Trayce
    • Bates
    • Galloway
    • Geronimo
    • Malik

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JHS stepped it up. Made some amazing plays.  Scored and played pretty good defense.  Disappeared a bit there but you could tell he was the best play on that court when he was playing.   TJD did what TJD does.  Puts up 30.  Most likely has a bad back all year and is going to wear down to nothing if we don't give him a more time to heal

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If just considering the +/-, it should be Race. His + 16 far and away led the team. Geronimo was - 18. JHS and TJD both had a combined 12 rebounds and assists but I gave more weight to the 9 assists JHS had. The extra 6 assists mean he was responsible for more offense. Trayce had two more turnovers but that was evened out by his blocks. I think this was one of closer MVP choices we have had this season. Ultimately, JHS eked out my vote. His 5 3 pointers and 9 assists stood out more to me than the effort of TJD, his 30 points and defensive presence. 

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