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National Signing Day Thread


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I like where we are at OT with Smith, Wettig and the young Austin Barrett.   But we lost our entire interior O line, Katic (NFL), Carpenter (the U) and Bedford (Oregon).   Seems like we we’ve got a lot of work to do there.   Maybe spring portal?   There’s a second portal window in like early May.  Not sure of the exact time frame but isn’t it after spring games?

DT and LB are the other spots where I feel like we need guys.  

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3 minutes ago, BobSaccamanno said:

Man, the staff landed a ton of edge guys in the span of two weeks!  Excited to see what they can do with a full offseason of recruiting for ‘25.   

I think DePaepe, Kosin, and Lawrence are all freaks. 

Lawrence avged 14p 9r on his HS basketball team last year. 

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5 minutes ago, BobSaccamanno said:

Bummer, we lost Joly, the TE from UConn, to NC State.   Time for Sam West and Brody Foley to step up.  Allen loved West.  Called him a pleasant surprise in training camp.  

Sam West dunked on my JV team when he was a FR in HS (3 years of JV coaching, only got dunked on twice).... I like Sam West too. 

I had forgotten about that TE transfer. Dang it. 

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6 minutes ago, btownqb said:

Philostin is signing at 1:15pm--- not sure if he'll send his in early or not.. 


Ndukwe couldn't find anything. 

Cherry not sure. I assume Center Grove will do a fall sports thing...

Same with Peterson at Carmel. 

CG Winter Break starts today so I doubt think they will do anything at the school.  

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