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What’d he do? Devonte Green

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1 minute ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:

That wasn’t what was being argued. 

Semantics.  Breaking the law versus breaking a rule.  College athletes in Colorado would not even be breaking a law, but the result would still be an automatic suspension if they were caught.

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4 minutes ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:

It would be semantics if a states laws and teams rules were synonymous, but they aren’t. 

Bottom line is that Devonte knew what the risks and penalties were, but he apparently went ahead and did it anyway.  If so, he let the team down.  Not sure that can be argued.

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1 hour ago, 5fouls said:

Thing is, alcohol in a piss test does not result in an automatic suspension.  So, yes, when you have teammates counting on you, there is a difference.

I guess the question is: why not?

A majority of the team is under the age of 21, hypothetically, if they are caught drinking, aren’t they automatically suspended?

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14 minutes ago, CauseThatsMyDJ said:

I appreciate your opinion. Has nothing to do with the discussion I was in.

So, based on your posts in this thread, your argument (discussion point) is either.

  • 90% of basketball players at IU smoked weed while on the team (which I respond by saying, yes there are those that were never caught, but 90% is too high)


  • 90% of basketball players at IU broke some sort of law while on the team (which, in addition to weed, would include drinking, theft, sexual assault, etc.  I assume you are not lumping in other  things like speeding, jaywalking, and parking in a no parking zone).

If bullet #2 is the point, let's hope that most of those non-weed offenses are drinking and not more serious things like theft and sexual assault.   If so, we're back to square one, which is, regardless of how we, as a society, view those two offenses in comparison, one is treated more seriously in college athletics.  And that fact alone means that I, as an IU fan, view one more seriously than the other because it has greater impact on the team.


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25 minutes ago, slojoe said:

No source, but looking at some of the rumors and the history, I think Devonte Green has played his last game at IU.

That’s probably best for everyone.  

There is another player who ought to go too for everyone’s best interest. 

Then there are a couple who need to think hard about what they want to do in terms of commitment, conditioning etc  Are they here to hang out, socialize, and be cool, or are they here to maximize their ability and get ready to compete in the world of working etc   

Archie should be scouring the senior transfer market for a couple who can stretch the floor.  That would also balance out the classes.   

You can’t come back with this same rag tag crew.  There are some guys on the roster who simply do not make plays that resemble positive, winning basketball.  

The fear here is we misjudged Archie and he’s not tuned into modern basketball.  We will know very quickly whether he prioritizes long range shooters.   The fear is he only recruits a certain type of player with the philosophy that they can shoot somewhat as opposed to having dead eye shooters who open up the floor for athletes.  There’s a huge difference and we are seeing the problem now.  We will know a lot over the next couple of summers.  If Archie’s stubborn about it then he’s going to lose the fan base and it will be over because we’ve seen that rodeo that when you lose the fan base there’s no turning back. 

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46 minutes ago, hoosiertildeath said:

A ( true fan ) stays a fan of their chosen school regardless of their behavier away from the playing. floor , imho ! We may not approve of that behavior but a true fan sticks with his chosen school and Hopes that that behavior is corrected and ceases , imho ??

So if a player shoots someone, rapes someone or beats the crap out of someone you would stick with them hoping to correct behavior? I think not!

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