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Wow tough one.

I'll go with 2. 

It most certainly would only be one more year of Romeo, countered by at least one year of Watford (hopefully more). The Ben Davis kid is just bonus at that point.

I would like to see Romeo come back, for selfish reasons, and for him in hopes that he could have a POY type season, become a bigger legend in the state and at IU, and get drafted #1 overall!

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17 minutes ago, IUwins0708 said:

If you could pick one of the 2 options which would it be:


1.  Romeo returns or

2.  Sign Watford and The kid from Ben Davis.

Romeo returns because we need experience and I don't think if he stays that would not stop Wyndam from coming to IU

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Give me option 2. Romeo only one more year would be good for next year. But give me Watford, as he will be a multi year 5*. His sophomore season would be a roster that could make a deep run. 

PG - Phinisee Jr. 

SG - Durham Sr./Franklin So.

SF - Hunter Rs. So.

PF - Watford So./ Race Rs Jr  

C - TJD So./ Brunk 5th yr

Team could be even better the following season too. 

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If the goal is to get old and stay old this is tougher than on face value. If Watford is not a OAD, then he and the kid from Ben Davis would better accomplish that.

On the other hand, a bird in the hand... and if CAM is feeling any pressure, then Romeo is the near term solution.

Torn here, but I think I’d rather go with what I have seen on a college floor vs two unknowns.

Grudgingly, Romeo 

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