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Classiest IU BB players of all time ?

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4 minutes ago, OGIUAndy said:

Alan Henderson and Calbert are the two that come to my mind. I hung out with both a couple of times, and they were super cool and down to earth. 

I realized this was a wide open topic. And though I mentioned I had met Calbert, I never meant it to be restricted to players one has met.  Lot's of tv, interviews, and social media that fans have access to. And gather an opinion.   However, having said that, really cool they you hung out with the both of them.  Henderson is a good one to add to the list, I might add. 

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26 minutes ago, Bedford1432 said:

Tim  Priller aka Shaggy!

You know. At first I thought. Surely, you jest.  No. No. No. However, on second thought, I can't disagree.  Guy was an end of game player. At best.  The fans loved him. And I never heard a discouraging word ever come out of his mouth.  Just think of all the effort and sweat he spent as a Hoosier in practice, only to hope to come in at mop up time. He may not have been the classiest of all time.  But he will go down as one of the most limited PT beloved players in Hoosier history.

Good add !

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Kreigh Smith IMO.I was only briefly acquainted with him by chance years ago, just before IU won their last title.

My mom lived just off of South Maple Street in Bloomington. There was a house by the alley with a goal and we decided we would go over to shoot without asking.Lol Thrn some much older dudes came outside, and we were a little shocked when the first thing he asked was who our favorite team was.Obviously, we didn't wait to so much as breathe before confirming it was IU.

Once he told us he played he figured getting rid of us wasn't going to be easy, so not only did Kreigh do the nice thing, and take time for some random neighborhood kids invading his yard.He also shot baskets with us and made a guy - who was likely invited- put away a beer while we were there there.....originally uninvited.Lol 

When IU later won the 1987 NC I recall how we never really saw much of him again. However we were made welcome to shoot on his goal anytime so that happened almost daily but I recall igetting pretty quiet around there all of a sudden..

Lol. Smith probably had a few beers to catch up on,  but they were of course much deserved if that was the case. Pun intended.

In hindsight, that makes him a class act in my books, although I have forgot what I had read about where his life led him after he finished out his eligibility and graduated. I always wanted to do another "Where are they now?" -story -searxh on him, but the timing made it memorable enough for me.I say another, since at one time....Someone on TOOS shared something with me on him,  but I can't recall who or what from it because those old Scout Hoosier Nation years fell during my own partying days.

Anyway...A some of the main qualties that I associate with class.Authenticity and grace when one has a rightful gripe as he did with a bunch of tresspassing brats during his house party. 

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