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Updated 2020 Rivals150


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Here’s where IU targets/commits stand in the updated 2020 Rivals150:

#20 - 5 star - Caleb Love (+12)

#30 - 4 star - DJ Steward (+5)

#34 - 4 star - Dawson Garcia (+4)

#63 - 4 star - R.J. Davis (+42)

#71 - 4 star - Hassan Diarra (+1)

#75 - 4 star - Jordan Geronimo (-1)

#82 - 4 star - Zach Loveday (-12)

#109 - 4 star - Anthony Leal (+4)

#134 - 3 star - Trey Galloway (-)


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5 minutes ago, GrangerHoosier said:

Is RJ Davis still an option?

If we whiff on Garcia, Loveday, and Love, I'd like to add him.

I just did a quick internet check for you.  RJ appears to continue to be an IU target.  However, it seems his interest in IU, presently is cool.

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6 hours ago, cybergates said:

I think they tend to "forget" about committed players and move up non-committed ones that can drive clicks as to where they're going.

Agreed on this. The main exception is typically the 5* especially the ones that are signed up with the blue bloods (wouldn’t want to hurt their recruiting scores). But I 100% agree they do push kids up the charts to get attention to their pages. We seen it not just with IU recruits but Purdue and others. It’s hilarious that as soon as a blue blood calls a kid suddenly they shoot up 20-30 spots...or when a kid ends up at IU a 5* ends up a 4*. Anyways I agree with your premise.

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