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Way too early IU vs Nebrasketball BTT pre game thread

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Apologies to @milehiiu who usually starts these threads, but I have to mentally start shifting gears. I know it’s early, but let’s get on with it. The have suspended Burke and Mack indefinitely.  We will see if that holds up until Wednesday. 

I know opinions are divided, but I am in the camp that says we win Wednesday we’re in, we lose we’re out. Hopefully we don’t lay our annual BTT egg. 

It’s going to be a loooooong wait until Wednesday. Anyone have an idea on tip time?  

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2 hours ago, IowaHoosierFan said:

And sorry for my negativity earlier on the Wisconsin post game thread

I'm not personally angry at you...that would be silly.  You're entitled to be frustrated after seeing IU miss some easy shots and throw away a game they needed.  

I hear your frustration and don't blame you, but IU is getting closer and closer to what we expect.  When this class of sophomores are seniors...look out.

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43 minutes ago, Brass Cannon said:

Somebody told me tickets to this game were 6 bucks can anybody confirm?

Yes, they are general admission tickets for Wednesday for $6. No assigned seating and tickets are good for both games. 

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2 hours ago, Brass Cannon said:

Are they sold out or do you have to go to blf 


I found $6 tickets on StubHub for Wednesday. I looked at Ticketmaster and they’re listed as $25, but they have seat assignments with them. StubHub just says general admission next to theirs. I’m thinking Ticketmaster is just putting seat assignments next to theirs for tracking number of possible tickets that can be sold. Might want to call BLF ticket office to confirm. They are offering an all sessions ticket package for $210, so maybe it’s only general admission for everyone else who is only attending on Wednesday.

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10 minutes ago, DWB said:

During the Neb game, I heard one of the announcers say something about the 2 suspended players. Said they were only suspended for 1 game. That would mean they're back for the BTT in total....if true.


Initial reports were that the suspensions were for an indefinite amount of time.  So they could be back for our game, or not.

Husker hoops players Mack, Burke suspended indefinitely | Men's Basketball | journalstar.com

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