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Hey Hoosier Sports Nation ! What's your favorite hot sauce ?


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3 minutes ago, mrflynn03 said:

Make a habanero hot sauce every year when the habanero plants start producing. Nothing like fresh from the garden hot sauce. 

True.  We do a selection of different hot peppers in our garden each year.  Just finished canning most of them last week.....to enjoy during the winter

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I’ve acquired a bit of a collection lately. It’s tough to pass up a new bottle occasionally. 

Right now I have Crystal, Frank’s wing sauce, and a Louisiana brand sweet version of their standard sauce. They’re all good on about everything. 

There’s a sauce called Pickapeppa that is good. Very little heat and reminds me of A1. 

The hotter ones I have now are Secret Aardvark and Marie Sharps habanero. Neither are too crazy but definitely a step up in heat from the others. 

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26 minutes ago, dgambill said:

I prefer this one....although I've had some incredible hot sauce in some restaurants that aren't sold in store.



Love Cholula on chicken fajita quesadillas...

That said, the last 2 Mexican restaurants I went to, Pappacito's Cantina and Guadalajara, didn't have it! 

I told both servers, "well, Jason's Deli has it...what's your deal?" 

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