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Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving! 

We're punting turkey dinner to next week because a client of my wife's is making us dinner. They have no kids and are the kind of people that won't take no for an answer. 

I'm thankful for them and anyone who has helped in life. We don't make through alone. 

I just hope one day to be in a position to help others more than the small ways I can. 

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I'm thankful for the job I have now. Started 15Feb21. Without this job I wouldn't have the time I needed this year to be there for family. 

I'm very fortunate, I work 136 days a year. I have a weekend day shift job so I sacrifice my weekends but its worth it. 

My wife is self employed massage therapist so she can match my schedule.  Took over a decade to get to this but life is good. 

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Just now, DWB said:

I'm thankful to be alive. With all of my health problems (runs in the family) I never thought I'd see 70. Well....today is the day. I made it.

Now....on to more enjoying IU BBall and time I have left (hopefully another 10-15 years).

Happy Birthday!🥳🎉🎈

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