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  1. This site color categorizes Covid geographically based on a variety of options. The end result is that if you have more than 25 cases per 100,000 people for a 7 day moving average, you are considered in Red status. Of the 93 counties in Indiana, 92 of them are in Red status. Only Brown County, at 24.6 cases per 100,000 residents is not. https://globalepidemics.org/key-metrics-for-covid-suppression/
  2. That will be a shame if Coach Hoover is unable to work the sidelines this season. He (and Luke) helped revive a struggling program. And, now, in Luke's Sr. year, when things should be at their best, it sounds like he won't be there for it.
  3. This season is destined to be total chaos. I expect every team to have positive tests at some point or other. A question I have is whether a positive test during the season will knock a whole team out. It's a little different than football.
  4. North Carolina is the one I don't get. In all aspects, they were a disaster last year. Are the incoming freshmen going to make that much of a difference? That said, the reality is that we are still viewed as a 7th-10th place team in conference. That HAS to change.
  5. In conference, Rob's usage was 19.8. Al's was 19.2. Now, Devonte, he had usage (29.5%).
  6. Winston's numbers were down across the board from the previous season. That is, except for turnovers, which were up. Not surprising at all that his efficiency stats were not as good. Here is the same stat for the previous year. Win Shares Per 40 Minutes 1. Xavier Tillman Michigan State .240 2. Cassius Winston Michigan State .237 3. Jon Teske Michigan .222 4. Juwan Morgan Indiana .215 5.
  7. To support my position that analytical statistics matter, take a look at the Top 8 in the Big Ten in both PER and W/S Per 40. There are no outliers. These are the conference's best players. Player Efficiency Rating 1. Luka Garza Iowa 34.4 2. Daniel Oturu Minnesota 30.7 3. Jalen Smith Maryland 29.3 4. Trevion Williams Purdue 27.6 5. Trayce Jackson-Davis Indiana 27.6
  8. Ball Handling: For the season, Rob's turnover percentage is actually worse than Al's. They were equal in conference. Defense: For the season, their defensive win shares are actually equal. Rob's were better in conference, and he passes the eye test as the better defender. But, the analytics say it's not as big of a gap as many would think. Al is unfairly maligned about his defense. No, he's not Oladipo on the defensive side of the ball. But, he's not a liability either. Offense: You left this one out. Al rates significantly better than Rob, and offense is where we struggled
  9. To your point on aggressiveness, look at the Free Throw Rate in the stats I provided, especially for conference. Al was hard to guard. Rob was not at all. Whether that has to do with aggressiveness, or Al simply being much better at beating his defender, I don't know. But, I find that stat, in particular, to be very telling in what a player is contributing on the offensive end of the floor.
  10. Here's the same stats for conference only. Rob positioned similarly, actually ranks a couple spots lower in W/S per 40. Interesting that De'Ron was the only player to have an 'analytically' better conference season than non-conference. Conference Advanced Rk Player G GS MP PER ▼ TS%
  11. I'm a pretty big believer in analytics (sorry @IU Scott) and, among rotation guys last season, Rob ranked 8th in both PER and W/S per 40 minutes (ahead of only Jerome and Armaan in both). Al was 6th in PER and 3rd in W/S per 40. Rk Player G GS MP PER ▼ TS% eFG% 3PAr
  12. Let's put it this way. In a 3 guard lineup of Rob, Lander, and Al, my opinion is that Rob is the most vulnerable if someone else would step up and take a starting spot.
  13. Anyone else loving the implosion that is Tom Brady and the Bucs tonight?
  14. I think he is more important than Aminu M. at this point. Need size and shooting.
  15. When the guy that organizes the contest is leading, it makes people go......hmmmm
  16. Same here. Even when a couple of our sports teams had cases this fall, it was kids on those teams that attended an event unrelated to school that contracted the virus.
  17. Sorry for your losses Jeff.
  18. This type of news is becoming all to common. When I was a kid and a famous 80 year old person died, it was no big deal. Now, each and every one of them hit home. Final Jeopardy Clue What game host is considered the best at what he did?
  19. Should be no hard feelings from IU fans on this transfer. Young man gave everything he had to IU when he was here. Wish him nothing but great success.
  20. Sagarin has us 17th in the country and 4th in the Big Ten. In conference, we are trailing Ohio State, Wisconsin, and wait for it.............Iowa. http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm
  21. Indiana reported more new cases today than California.
  22. 11 or 12. I don't see us jumping ND or Georgia, even if they lose. We want Top 10, we'll need to beat OSU
  23. So, is Rutgers the best team we have played?
  24. Enough about me. What did you think of the football game?
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