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  1. Fidelity’s HSA can be treated as a regular brokerage account. Stocks, options, mutuals…anything is on the table.
  2. The manager at Dunkin’ Donuts said “I’mma funkin’ go nuts!”
  3. Dear Dan, We appreciate everything you did as a player. Everything since, we’d prefer it if you’d shut your cakehole. Sincerely, The Fans and Alumni of Indiana University
  4. Attention, or at least the prospect thereof.
  5. Background: Went through a divorce back in April. So with less money and more time on my hands, I started driving for Uber/Lyft. Three weeks ago, I’m out at 2AM on a Saturday (driving drunks is good money), when the conversation turns to the state of Indiana. When Evansville is mentioned, one passenger asks another “Isn’t that where your brother played after Indiana?” The answer: “No dumba**, that’s Evanston….Illinois.” So naturally my mind is clicking through IU-Northwestern transfers, and I asked who her brother was. “Peyton Ramsey” I had completely forgotten he was from Cincinnati. Overall, she was very nice and was somewhat surprised that IU fans still thought so highly of Peyton. I guess that they had encountered some that held him transferring against him or something. I assured her that was definitely not the case among any IU fan that I knew. The story continued yesterday. I pick up a couple from a hotel and am driving them to the downtown casino. Usual conversation again, and they say they are from Lafayette. Naturally, I get in an IU joke at that, and they say their son played there. It was Coy Cronk’s parents, and they were in town because….Coy is serving in Peyton Ramsey’s wedding. They were both genuinely nice, and I couldn’t help but ask what Coy thought of Urban Meyer last season. His mom came across as the stereotypical sweet, polite midwestern mom, so I almost had to pull the car over from laughing at her answer: “f***ing moron”. Followed by, “don’t worry, I know how close we are to Columbus, but I figure this is safe company.” Small world, ain’t it? Also, congrats to Peyton Ramsey.
  6. I’m lining up a re-entry for the next few weeks also. Plenty of blood in the streets, but what to buy? The perpetual question.
  7. As much a part of IU’s identity as red and white stripes.
  8. My kids are a bit older than yours, but they handle profanity like adults….meaning they’re not in shock hearing it, but have the good sense not to repeat any of it (within earshot of adults anyway). Someone dropped an F-bomb accidentally in front of my 10 year old. They apologized and without missing a beat, he chimes in “That’s ok…Not the first time I’ve heard it”.
  9. I design automated procedures that process millions of lines of data at a time. Yet electric can openers absolutely befuddle me. I can open a can easier with a dull pocket knife than with one of those infernal contraptions.
  10. You just described The Wolf Of Wall Street and every Tarantino movie.
  11. Had to liquidate a lot of my investment accounts beginning of May, and as it turns out….wasn’t a bad time to do that.
  12. Doing that against Bohannon qualifies as abuse of the elderly.
  13. They’re not even #1 in the state!
  14. Drop in the bucket. OxyContin is eastern Kentucky’s second currency.
  15. TJD gets a legit, physical big to go up against and Malik gets a savvy, experienced athletic big to go up against. And IU benefits in both directions.
  16. Don’t underestimate Billy Joe Bob. He and his Sister/Daughter/Wife Clara Mae Jean have all that meth and pill money rolling in.
  17. Little Kings is brewed by the Cincinnati Beverage Company (CinBev) which also produces Christian Moerlein, Hudepol and Burger.
  18. Brother Can You Spare.A Dime
  19. If Reneau is strong enough to actually catch Woody jumping at him….damn…. 🤣
  20. Pretty good result for a head coach that “wasn’t a big enough name”.
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