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RIP Demarlo Belcher

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Coke dealers are a "special" breed in and of themselves, but I really hope there's a special pit in hell for people that lace anything with something as strong as fentanyl.  In untrained hands, that stuff is as deadly as a 9mm.  Case in point, in powder form, fentanyl is approximately 80 times more potent than morphine and 50 times more powerful than uncut heroin. 

Case in point: my wife is an ACNP with an FDA number for controlled substances.  She works with in-patient cancer treatment, and she won't write for the stuff.  If an MD wants it prescribed, they're writing it themselves, and only rarely does that happen.  It's a substance that does have its place, as it is often the only thing that will touch pain spikes in late or end stage cancer patients, but even medical professionals are wary of it. 

RIP DB....a life taken way too soon. 

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