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Good luck to K Lander.

Really hoped it would work out long term at IU. You can't teach this kids quickness. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to have added an ounce of weight since he arrived in Bloomington and in his very limited time on the court it was clear he would struggle to defend virtually anyone. Hopefully he lands in the right spot and he can develop into a great player. Nothing but respect for him and his family. 

Additional thoughts - this may suggest X and or Rob is back - could be that JHS is going to play point - a transfer is coming in that can play PG - G Cupps is looming in '23.  My hope is he spoke with CMW and they mutually agreed this is best.



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19 minutes ago, btownqb said:

Good. 6 could great for us. 

I have been saying 6 for awhile too.  I can easily come up with six.  Probably 7.  It would be for the best.  I am not going to name them, but for the most part it's guys with experience where we know what we have.  I'd love to keep TJD and XJ but am not sure if we keep especially TJD.  I am iffy on XJ too.  

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Feel bad for Khristian.  Really seems like a good kid, and it couldn't have been easy to sit the bench after being told how good he was all those years growing up.

That said, I saw him play a couple of times in high school before he committed to IU, and I'm not surprised he struggled.

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