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Illinois II Pregame Thread


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When: Saturday, February 18th 12:00 pm EST 

Where: Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, Bloomington, Indiana


The Fighting Illini come into Bloomington fresh off another pounding by Penn State on Tuesday 93-81 in Happy Valley. Before that, Illinois had been 3-1 with a postponed game vs Minnesota


Box Score from the first meeting in Champaign




Illinois is led by Texas Tech transfer Terrance Shannon Jr. who is 6th in the Big 10 at 17 ppg. A three level scorer who is one of the better dribble/drive guys in the conference, and shoots 34% from 3. Dain Danja, Jayden Epps, Matt Mayer (who was sick the first time we played them, even though he did play in the game) and Coleman Hawkins have been the starters for the past 6 games with Epps supplanting Sencire Harris since we last met. Zacharie Perrin, who had a cameo against us in the first game, has left the team.

Freshmen Harris and Ty Rodgers get double digit minutes off the bench. RJ Melendez, who has been a major disappointment this year, has been averaging 20 minutes per game, but was suspended for the Rutgers game, and only played 3 minutes vs Penn State for a violation of team rules. The biggest addition has been the return of Indiana native Luke Goode. This will be Goode's 3rd game back coming off of a fractured foot. He's played limited minutes, but he is a sharpshooter from outside, connecting on 37% of this 3 point tries last year.

Illinois is 7th in ORtg and 2nd in DRtg.


Big Game for both teams. A loss here, and we go back into the pack tied for 4th. Illinois will come to play. Hopefully we can have the same offensive output we had in the first game, and our defense shows up...

Go Hoosiers!

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Unofficial injury/depth report

Illinois really needs this game bad, but we shall see which Illinois team shows up in Assembly Hall. Their starting 5 consists of 6’6 215 G Terrance Shannon Jr from Texas Tech (Leading scorer, best player, can get streaky quick), 6’9 225 Matthew Mayer (Team’s 3-point specialist shooting at 37%), 6’2 190 G Jordan Epps (Averaging 10 PPG, started the last 6 games), 6’10 225 F Coleman Hawkins (I think we all know him by know) and finally 6’9 270 PF/C Dain Dainja (Averaging 10 PPG, 2nd in rebounds, and team’s best blocker). This starting lineup has gone 4-2 when they all play together, only losing against Iowa and Penn State. In terms of minute distributions, seems like the last couple of games have shown the starters are logging heavy minutes, with some starters playing 33+ minutes. They average about 13.4 TPG and average about 17 fouls per game. In terms of rotation, they like to play anywhere between 7-8 players in quality minutes.

Some of the main names I see coming off the bench is 6’7 205 G RJ Melendez (Had 10 points against us at Illinois), 6’4 190 G Sean Harris (Was benched for Epps) and  6’6 200 G Ty Rodgers (Career high of 11 points at PSU, minutes have increased). 

6’7 210 G Luke Goode has finally returned back for Illinois, however, is slowly getting back and nursing in playing time, but had 10 minutes against Penn State. 7’0 225 C Brandon Lieb hasn’t played in about a month. 

Injury/out report-

Skyy Clark and now recently Zach Perrin have left the program

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1 hour ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

Surprised Bardo isn’t doing our game

Probably the only reason is it’s an ESPN game. I think he only does fox and BTN held games. Otherwise I’m sure it would be him. Although he went to the wrong school I actually enjoy Hummel calling games. 

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1 hour ago, IU Scott said:

Who are going to be the refs for this game

We should have on over/under if Scrotum is the head ref this time. Personally, I have no doubt. He'll probably call a tech on the crowd when he walks onto the floor and gets booed.

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I’ll be going to only my third ever game at IU Saturday and my first in 5 1/2 years. I’m so freaking pumped… if anyone wants to meet up Friday night please shoot me an IM or wants to meet up before the game on Saturday also shoot me an IM. Gonna come Friday afternoon to get souvenirs and I’m a big guy. What would be best souvenir shop for big guy IU gear? I also need stuff for a 9 month old and a very tall 6 year old.

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