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Welcome to IU, Kel’el Ware!!!!

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5 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

Oregon averaged 6,000 people per home game last year...6,000 

Oh, Kel'el, wait and see what we got for you... 

In 49 other states, it's just basketball... 

He needs to connect with Knecht about this!

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Welcome Aboard!  Looks good in Crimson!

Few more spots to fill:


Indiana Hoosiers Scholarship Grid

2023 - 2024 (-3⊕/-4)

2024 - 2025 (-4/-6)

2025 - 2026 (-7)

2026 - 2027 (-11)

2027 - 2028 (-13)

Xavier JohnsonREdShrit2.pngPlus.png Open Open Open Open
Trey Galloway Trey GallowayGWPlus.png Open Open Open
Anthony Leal Anthony LealGWPlus.png Open Open Open
Payton Sparks Payton Sparks Open Open Open
Kaleb Banks Kaleb Banks Kaleb Banks Open Open
CJ Gunn CJ Gunn CJ Gunn Open Open
Malik Reneau Malik Reneau Malik Reneau Open Open
Kel'el Ware Kel'el Ware Kel'el Ware Open Open
Gabe Cupps Gabe Cupps Gabe Cupps Gabe Cupps Open
Jakai Newton Jakai Newton Jakai Newton Jakai Newton Open
Open Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open Open
Open Open Open Open Open
(Oversign) (Oversign/Open) (Oversign) (Oversign) (Oversign)
(Oversign) (Oversign/Open) (Oversign) (Oversign) (Oversign)
Hogan Orbaugh
Shaan Burke
Hogan OrbaughPlusWhite.PNG
Shaan Burke
Shaan BurkePlusWhite.PNG
 Italics = walk-ons.
REdShrit2.png = post-redshirt (Name in black for redshirt year).
 PlusWhite.png = additional year granted due to pandemic.


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7 minutes ago, Indykev said:

Leave the house and this happens. Welcome big man. 6th rated player in his class. Time to live up to it. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

Dont you have some more errands to run that require you to "leave the house"?  



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11 minutes ago, BGleas said:

Not sure if the motor will be an issue or how well he can defend out on the perimeter (ie can he defend the PnR), but otherwise in watching videos his skillset is perfect for the modern game. I also think his skillset is perfect to play alongside XJ. 

He's a PnR big offensively that can throw down lobs and is excellent at put backs on misses at the rim. 

Indiana fans don't always like this, but there is a ton of value in guards that can get to the basket and get the ball to the rim even if they miss. XJ sometimes does throw up some wild attempts, but Ware is excellent at following up those misses. These guys are going to play well off of each other. 

Should play well with Malik as well. Be able to work the high low. Malik can back down a defender and lob it to Ware. Malik was very under rated as a passer for a freshman big man

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