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Some Interesting Stats So Far

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PPG / Total point leaders

1. Romeo - 18.2 / 182

2. Morgan - 15.5 / 155

3. Smith - 8.4 / 84

4. Al - 8.3 / 75

5 Rob - 7.4 / 74

Free Throw, FG and 3-point %

- Romeo: 69%, 49% FG's but 24% 3-pointers -- has most FT's by a landslide (leads B1G) with 71

- Smith 62%, 49% FG's, 25% from arc -- 2nd on team in free throws attempted at 34

-- So if Romeo and Smith can just start hitting their free throws better...

- Morgan  48%, 65% FG's, 43% from arc

- Al 76.5%, 44% FGs, 43% from arc -- take more free throws!

- Rob 64%, 44% FG's, 41% from arc

Fitzner shoots 53% FGs and 45% from arc, but 69% from stripe

Green is 89% from the stripe, but 37% FG;s and 23.5% from arc

Zack -- 0% FTs, 80% FGs, 75% from arc. Maybe shoot a little more, just a thought


Rob leads with 35

Romeo and Morgan tied for 2nd with 23 each

Green 17, Al 16

Blocks and Steals

Morgan leads with 13 so far, but Romeo is second at 9, Davis has 6

Rob is first in steals with 12, but Romeo right behind with 10, Smith has 9, Green has 8. Interesting, Zack has only 1



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2 hours ago, FKIM01 said:

Crazy that Morgan can hit contested 3's at 43% but is only 48% from the line...just a bizarre set of stats.

How about how Romeo seems automatic on his step back jumpers 3 feet inside the arc and even a couple beyond the arc, yet can’t hit a wide open 3 very reliably. Crazy to me

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1 hour ago, IowaHoosierFan said:

I think the level of play around McBob has increased and he is playing the role that he should.  He can come off the bench, play some good defense, make a hustle play or two and give a player or two a blow.  He is exactly where he should be.

That's exactly what I said about McBob  earlier in the season or maybe even pre-season.  I took some abuse for it too.  IU will be a much better team if other players beat out McBob for playing time.  Like his defensive energy off the bench.

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The last four games McRoberts has played 70 minutes. Over that time he has attempted 2 shots, has 0 assists, 1 offensive rebound. I love his energy and defense but we can't play 4 on 5 on offense, he has to at least look at the basket.

To put Zach's two shot attempts in perspective - of our rotation guys, the next fewest number of shots attempted over that stretch is 14 (Davis and Fitzner).

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