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Maryland Post-Game Thread


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It was great defense...but horrible offense. Trayce scored like 8/9 fgs down the stretch. We didn’t hit a jump shot for over 12 mins. Think about that. It was all layups. Our shooting problems hasn’t gone away. We just found a way to get to the rim and to Trayce finally.

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3 minutes ago, HoagieRoll said:

We match up well vs this team, and brought the physical play in the second half. These open look threes will start to fall


I missed what happened to Armaan...it serious?

Looked like a high ankle sprain. He didn’t come back to the bench that I saw. Probably will miss the next two games this week.

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1. Nice win.  We needed it.  We could have folded our tents and gone home but we battled through. 
2. Love the turnaround in intensity and energy shown by Trayce in the second half 

3. Trayce deserves the accolades but Rob Phinisee was a huge spark plug. You could argue he catalyzed the whole thing.  He initiated much better today. 
4. Race was very solid in the first half keeping us in the game 

5. Archie pushed the right buttons. Notably, Hunter was getting lit up on defense and Archie was very advanced and not knee jerk and let Hunter keep going.  Smart coaching. 
6.  I liked the stretch when the freshmen played. We didn’t see results in terms of buckets but they brought up the energy level and that kind of thing can be contagious.  I liked Archie’s move there.  
7.  If the guards produce, as we saw in the second half with Rob, I’m telling you this is a different offense. They can look competent. 

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